If there’s a madder off-road machine on the planet than this ‘Hamyak’ ATV – the go-anywhere machine named after a hamster – then we’d like to see it.

The source who pointed Enduro21 at this video explains the Hamyak monotrack ATV is based on a 150cc scooter with a hand built frame and is designed to go off-road in forests and in snow conditions, albeit not too quickly.

The idea is an all-terrain bike you can pack in the back of truck or van and though it looks small, the designer, Eduard Luzyanin, is a pretty big Russian fella and he seems to be enjoying the ride.

The Hamyak name relates to the bike looking a bit like a hamster (and a Yak?) and weighs 85kg they claim. It can reach up to 40kmh/25+ mph but is not the best handling vehicle at that speed and is better suited to fast running pace. It has a 10 litre fuel tank and sucks around a litre an hour they say under ‘normal’ woods riding – stick a fuel can on the back and you’ve got some decent riding time right there.


We wonder if there’s a hard enduro version?