Hard Enduro onboard with 13-year-old Juan Rey and his Husqvarna TC 85 converted to a ‘TE’ for a Spanish Hard Enduro Cup kids race – a new class for children aiming to encourage the next Mario and Alfredo.

The Spanish Hard Enduro Cup promotes new talent nationally and introduced a new kids race for children with 85cc bikes at the last round. The one-hour race had a specific route for kids on the Saturday but was still no walk in the park – this kid is hitting things hard more in a Bolt-style than Jarvis-style if you ask us!

Juan Rey is his name and he took his Husqvarna ‘TE’ 85 (with extreme set-up and in full Jarvis Race Gear graphics and riding kit) to the win ahead of Xavier Camps and Alejandro Irigoyen.