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Results: 2020 Alès Trêm – Mario Roman takes first hard enduro win of the season

Mario Roman takes revenge on Jarvis to claim the winning result at the 2020 Alès Trêm Hard Enduro with Manuel Lettenbichler third. 


After a gruelling three laps and over seven hours riding, Mario Roman has taken the top spot at the 2020 Alès Trêm Hard Enduro in Southern France. Graham Jarvis and Manuel Lettenbichler round out the podium in a impressively tough event which sees just three riders arrive at the final check point. 

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2020 Alès Trêm in a nutshell: 

  • Mario Roman does his homework during the pre-season as he took a win in Alès Trêm after three hard laps and over seven hours riding.
  • Age doesn’t seem to slow down Graham Jarvis, the Hard Enduro GOAT finishes second in his first race of 2020. 
  • Roman now joins Jarvis and Jonny Walker (not racing this year) in holding two wins each at Ales Trem.
  • Saturday prologue winner, Mani Lettenbichler, finishes third after clocking nearly eight hours to become the last rider to reach the final time check.
  • Wade Young was among the four riders swapping the lead during the first half of the race but a tyre change ahead of the final lap cost him time and he finished fourth. 
  • While Jarvis lead the majority of the first part of the race, Roman pulled clear on the last lap to cross the finish line 13 minutes ahead of him. 
  • The sixth edition of the race proved to be the hardest to date as only three riders – Mario, Jarvis and Mani – managed to complete three laps.
  • The Extreme Challenge – French hard enduro series – title goes to Julien Gauthier for a second year in a row after finishing fifth overall. 

Check out Mario's win on these quick highlights:


2020 Alès Trêm top 10 results:

AlesTrem 2020 results

Full results: Motott.fr 

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Photo Credit: Mastorgne Photography
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