Honda has announced their 2024 CRF Performance and Trail off-road bike range – 13-model line-up covers motocross through Enduro, Baja, trail and kids bikes but can you get hold of them this year?

These days categorised as “CRF Performance” and “CRF Trail” line-ups, Honda’s wide range of off-road motorcycles covers nearly every category, from the high-spec RW motocross machine to the family-friendly baby bikes.

If you want a complete list, you got it: CRF450R, CRF450RWE, CRF450R-S, CRF450RX, CRF450X, CRF450RL, CRF250R, CRF250RX, CRF150R and the “more relaxed” and beginner-friendly CRF Trail family of CRF250F, CRF125F, CRF110F and CRF50F. There’s more, in Europe you'll also find the popular CRF300L too.

“It’s been an unprecedented year for Honda and the CRF Performance line,” says Brandon Wilson, American Honda Manager of Sports & Experiential. And it’s true, Team Honda HRC is certainly on a roll right now in motocross with the Lawrence brothers Stateside and Tim Gasjer as reigning MXGP champ.

The only problem for the rest of us has been getting hold of these things. For many, the 2024 model range could well be the ’23 bikes they couldn’t buy as supply issues affects the global availability of many new Hondas still.

Still, we don’t want to be downers and the bikes remain the target for many with price tags lower than those recently announced Austrian enduro machines by the way. Remember also the European-based “enduro arm” of Honda is RedMoto who officially race and build homologated CRF250/300/400/450 models.

Check them out here: First look: Honda RedMoto’s 2023 CRF RX Enduro range

Here’s what Honda have to say about each model…

2024 CRF450RX

A true expert in versatility, the CRF450RX is a closed-course, off-road weapon on a high-speed WORCS or GNCC track. A close relative of the motocross-focused CRF450R, the RX maintains an aggressive, agile character, but is purpose-built for off-road competition, offering features like a dedicated ECU and suspension settings, an 18-inch rear wheel, an aluminum side stand, a large 2.1-gallon fuel tank and hand guards.

It’s the motorcycle of choice for a variety of off-road racers and teams, including the SLR Honda and JCR Honda as well as Honda RedMoto Enduro team in the EnduroGP World Chanpionship, its race-winning performance and legendary reliability are continuously proven in the toughest conditions that off-road racing has to offer.


2024 CRF450X

Prevailing time and time again in one of the most formidable off-road races in the world, the CRF450X has a near-perfect record in the legendary Baja 1000. Most recently, the SLR Honda Team of Mark Samuels, Justin Morgan and Kendall Norman captured the win in the 2022 edition of the grueling race. Also campaigned in the AMA NHHA series by JCR Honda rider Preston Campbell, the CRF450X is an excellent trail machine, thanks in part to its 50-state year-round off-road-legal status, plus off-road appropriate features like aside stand, 18-inch rear wheel, headlight, sealed chain and six-speed transmission.

2024 CRF450RL

Take the legendary CRF450 Performance off-road platform, add street-legal features like a quiet muffler, a vibration-damping urethane-injected swingarm and a wide-ratio six-speed transmission, and the result is Honda’s CRF450RL—the quintessential dual-sport machine, perfect for using paved roads to link together great sections of trail.

With a 449cc Unicam engine, twin-spar aluminum frame and premium, long-travel suspension, it’s a stellar performer in the dirt, yet it’s also surprisingly smooth and comfortable on pavement. Throw in Honda’s legendary durability, and it’s little wonder that the CRF450RL has made a name for itself in the dual-sport world.

2024 CRF450R

Fresh off the top step of the 2023 AMA Supercross podium and Manufacturer’s Championship—and currently dominating the premier class in AMA Pro Motocross racing—Honda’s CRF450R platform continues to offer elite-level motocross performance for the 2024 model year. Known for its agile character, the motocross machine is exceptional at effortlessly changing lines and making short work of the tightest corners.

The 449.8cc Unicam engine produces robust power throughout the rev range, while the 44mm throttle body ensures smooth delivery, even at low speeds. Premium Showa suspension offers a balanced ride and confidence-inspiring composure over the most challenging terrain. Proven at the highest level of the sport by Team Honda HRC’s Chase Sexton and Jett Lawrence, the CRF450R is the ultimate weapon for taking on the demands of modern motocross.


2024 CRF450RWE

The CRF450WE (“Works Edition”) was designed and engineered with the singular focus of winning races and championships. In 2023, it accomplished that mission at the hands of Chase Sexton, winning six races on route to the AMA 450 Supercross Championship.

This special-edition version takes the CRF450R platform to the next level with a long list of upgrades that have been tested and proven on the Team Honda HRC factory race machines. The knowledge gained from countless test days, top-qualifier positions, race wins and championships has been poured into the CRF450RWE, and the result is a potent combination of efficient, useable power and surgically precise handling.

2024 CRF450R-S

For riders who prioritize value and performance, Honda’s CRF450R-S delivers both in spades. Based on the 2022 CRF450R, this model maintains the holeshot-inducing power and razor-sharp cornering that Honda’s flagship motocrosser is known for, but at a value-oriented price point. While it spares the advancements applied for the 2023 and 2024 model years, the CRF450R-S is a testament to Honda’s commitment to producing motorcycles that are incredibly capable and reliable without breaking the bank.


2024 CRF250R

The results speak for themselves: Since the introduction of the current platform, Honda’s CRF250R has risen above the competition both indoors and out. Most recently, Team Honda HRC’s Hunter Lawrence captured the 2023 250 Supercross East Region Championship in convincing fashion, while his brother Jett was equally dominant en route to the West Region crown.

In addition to its racing success, the CRF250R has gained a well-deserved reputation for its exceptional handling, excellent ergonomics, strong acceleration and rock-solid durability. From local racers lining up for the first time to those chasing the top step of the Supercross podium, the CRF250R possesses the ingredients necessary for success on the track.

2024 CRF250RX

Based on the championship-winning CRF250R platform, the CRF250RX is tailored for a variety of closed-course off-road applications, from woods racing to off-road grand prix competition, desert racing and trail riding in legal off-road areas, thanks to application-specific features that provide appropriate suspension performance, power delivery, fuel range, hand protection and convenience. The Phoenix Racing Honda Team and SLR Honda compete aboard the CRF250RX in their respective championships, including GNCC, U.S. Sprint Enduro, WORCS and NGPC.

2024 CRF150R

Serving as the perfect entry point for young, aspiring motocross racers, the CRF150R is the smallest machine in Honda’s CRF Performance line-up. It’s offered in both standard and Big Wheel versions, the latter is a great choice for taller riders thanks to its larger wheels, higher seat and additional rear-suspension travel.

The scaled-down motocrosser boasts many of the same features found on Honda’s full-size motocross bikes, including Showa suspension (an inverted fork and a single shock mated to a Pro-Link rear system), and a Unicam four-stroke engine that is unique in the mini MX world, delivering a strong but smooth spread of power across the rev range.


2024 CRF250F

From first-time riders exploring the world of off-road recreation to experienced enthusiasts navigating technical trails, the CRF250F’s friendly and reliable performance is perfect for a wide range of skill levels. The trail-ready model delivers smooth power across a wide powerband thanks in part to its clean-running Keihin electronically controlled fuel injection.

Meanwhile, the Showa suspension maintains a comfortable, controlled ride across varied terrain. Inspired by the industry-leading CRF Performance line, the CRF250F boasts sharp styling. This model is year-round off-road-legal in all 50 states, giving owners unrestricted access to public trails across the country.


2024 CRF125F

The term “do-it-all” gets tossed around quite a bit, but there’s no denying its suitability for describing the CRF125F, a kind of midpoint in Honda’s CRF Trail lineup. Available in both standard and Big Wheel configurations, the CRF125F is 50-state off-road legal, providing access to trails across the country. It’s a confidence-inspiring, reliable, long-running machine that’s well-suited to young off-roaders, and first-time trail riders, making for enjoyable outings with friends and family.

2024 CRF110F

A hugely popular model (it’s the industry’s top-selling dirt bike), the CRF110F has welcomed countless people to the world of off-road riding, thanks to its approachable nature, unmatched reliability and impressive performance.

Available in the traditional Red color, as well as an eye-catching White option, the CRF110F has an automatic clutch, low seat height, and push-button electric start, allowing young riders to focus on the trail ahead. Meanwhile, a clean-running Keihin fuel-injection system keeps maintenance low, leaving more time for enjoying the trails with friends and family.


2024 CRF50F

The ideal first motorcycle for the next generation of riders, the CRF50F packs a whole lot into a tiny package: a single shock and an inverted fork for a comfortable, smooth ride; a reliable 49cc air-cooled four-stroke engine, delivering tractable, controllable power; an automatic clutch that allows new riders to focus on the basics; and more. Better yet, it has a low seat height and unparalleled dependability, as well as year-round off-road-legal status in all 50 states. Add it all up, and there’s no wonder the CRF50F is the powersports industry’s best-selling 50-class trailbike.


Model specifics and availability may vary depending on your country, please check.

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