Yamaha has updated its Tenere 700 World Rally with iconic colours from Stephane Peterhansel’s 1993 Dakar machine, uprated suspension and 23-litre fuel tanks – Enduro21 finds the 10 stand-out features making this new version of the T7 “the ultimate long-distance, high-performance adventure bike”.

After announcing its updated 2023 Tenere at the end of last year at the EICMA international show in Milan, Yamaha has followed suit with the more exclusive and higher specification Word Rally edition of its successful T7.

A final update of the Tenere World Rally – the fourth Tenere model now alongside the World Raid, Rally and standard editions – sees Yamaha dressing it in the iconic 1993 colours of the machine which the six-time winner of the Dakar Rally motorcycle category, Stephane Peterhansel.

The new colours add to a long list of extra components aimed at ADV riders with a bit more adventurous spirit and pay homage to an iconic Yamaha model whose image remains engraved in the retina of lovers of the mythical African desert rally.

1. Decorated with the colours of the Dakar '93 winner

Yamaha can boast of having won six editions of the Dakar in Africa with Stephane Peterhansel (the Frenchman has eight more titles in cars), when the greatest off-road adventure on the planet kept its true essence and those who survived three weeks in the desert to arrive at the Lac Rose.


In fact, this is not the first time that the Japanese firm has used its legacy to decorate a new model. In 2020 the World Rally was dressed in the war paints of the ‘80s and they has done it again this time, paying tribute to the four decades with the same design and colour scheme (blue, fuchsia and silver) worn by the winning machine of “Mister Dakar” in the 1993 edition.

2. Lightweight Akrapovic slip-on exhaust

The flagship of the T7 model range, arguably the talisman in the Trail and Adventure segment, arrives with ‘premium’ components including an exclusive Akrapovic slip-on titanium exhaust. Adding to the racing image of the bike, the Akrapovic claims greater torque and naturally the improved roar of the exhaust systems of the Slovenian firm, heavenly music for the ears for some at least.


3. Side-mounted, 23-litre fuel tanks

Range has never been a joke in the desert and it was for this reason the first Dakar bikes grew so bulbous to start with. It’s an inherent part of the whole adventure bike spec-sheet too and the main reason for double fuel tanks on the new models of the Tenere 700 World Rally.

Most of the fuel, as Yamaha say, is located in the lower part “with the aim of centralising the masses and improving agility, while the upper part of the tanks is located lower than in the standard Tenere, aiding rider mobility on the bike”.

4. Top-of-the-line KYB 43mm, 230mm travel front fork

The Japanese firm has provided life insurance against unforeseen obstacles on the trail with upgraded suspension just like the machines of the Yamaha Tenere World Raid Team use. Pol Tarres and Alessandro Botturi, the World Rally riders developed the settings on these KYB 43mm front fork with black legs, fully adjustable for spring preload and compression and rebound damping.

The range of adjustment means you can adapt the bike to different loads, terrain and speeds and it has a increased travel of 230mm to absorb bumps and land jumps…


5. Ohlins aluminium rear shock with separate reservoir and 220mm of travel

As with the front suspension, Yamaha has opted for high spec at the rear and relies on their long-standing relationship with Ohlins.

The fully adjustable “Swedish Gold” rear suspension system has an aluminium body, separate reservoir, a special linkage system specific for this model, and 220mm of travel to cope with the increased fuel load and potentially more off-road use of a desert bike like this – weight is over 200kgs with the double tank full.

6. Ohlins adjustable steering damper

Continuing with the sweets of the Swedish firm, the new Tenere 700 World Rally mounts an Ohlins steering damper with 18 different settings to provide greater confidence to the rider when conditions get 'romantic'.


7. Rally two-piece flat seat

Like the standard model, this World Rally version is designed for competition has a flat off-road seat to allow the rider to move more easily on it and shift the weight to the rear in search of greater traction and stability.

The cover is made of a black-grey double material and shows off the distinctive World Rally logo.

8. World Raid side grip pads

The sporting inspiration of the World Raid has led to the specific side pads with a double purpose: to protect the plastic from rubbing against the knees and the upper part of the enduro boots and, at the same time, offer greater grip for raid riders who use pressure in this area to guide the bike.


9. Essential electronics: New TFT Screen and 3 ABS modes

As in previous versions, Yamaha hasn’t gone overboard with the electronics with a model that will presumably ride far from workshops and away from technical assistance.

The World Rally shares a new version of the very tried and tested 5-inch TFT colour display from the standard model. It has three switchable screen styles (digital, analogue and roadbook) from the stock model and can be linked to a smartphone via the free MyRide app for on-screen viewing, text message notifications and incoming calls.

There’s also ABS with three activation modes to give the rider the choice of his interaction depending on conditions. Mode 1 has ABS on both wheels, modes 2 and 3 allow the ABS of the rear wheel or both wheels to be deactivated respectively for 100% off-road driving.


10. Genuine Yamaha Accessories and Adventure Clothing

How could it be any other way? Yamaha has naturally accompanied the launch of its exclusive Tenere 700 World Rally with a wide collection of accessories to customise the bike and yourself.



The new Tenere 700 World Rally 2023 is now available in Trophy Blue, with the black front fork, black-grey seat and black wheel rims at European Yamaha dealers. Cost: from £13,000/€14,299.


More information: www.yamaha-motor.eu + www.yamaha-motor.com


Photo Credit: Yamaha Europe