Kawasaki have revealed details of their 2024 KX450 and KX250 MX and X (enduro) models – big, green 450 gets a new chassis, engine tweaks for more power, Brembo brakes, traction control and bluetooth app.

Amazingly the 2024 KX450 and X model undergo their first full-model change in five years. The comprehensive update stretches front to back on the new big green machine including a new cylinder head, lightweight aluminium frame, centre exhaust, and first-time features  ODI Lock-On grips, Kawasaki TRaction Control (KTRC), riding modes with handlebar mounted switch, and Bluetooth connectivity using their “rideology” app.

Arguably the biggest news here though is the Brembo brake on the front of the new bike – a first in the history of the KX model although the Nissin part is retained at the rear.

2024 Kawasaki KX450 highlights:

  • New Engine tuning (separate enduro tune for the X model)
  • New Cylinder head
  • New Straight exhaust port and center exhaust
  • New Smartphone connectivity
  • New Handlebar-mounted traction control switch
  • New Brembo brake system
  • New Lightweight aluminium perimeter frame
  • New KYB suspension tune
  • New ODI Lock-On grips
  • New Easy-to-remove side cover
  • New Slim ergonomic bodywork
  • New KTRC and riding modes

New engine and centrally positioned exhaust

For 2024, Kawasaki say they have changed the layout of the entire intake system, all the way down to the valves which were modified to an ideal port shape and shifted vertically to be symmetrical with the intake and exhaust ports.

The intake and exhaust ports were also modified for straighter airflow and improved efficiency. As a result, they say the power is improved across all areas at any throttle position or engine rpm.

The exhaust pipe has been moved to the centre of the chassis front too, contributing to both peak power and controllability while allowing for slimmer bodywork. The pipe’s silencer was moved forward as well, contributing to mass centralisation and a firmer feel.

New chassis

An all-new lightweight aluminium perimeter frame retains the same handling character of the previous model, with tweaked stiffness and dimensions that Kawasaki say helps improve the front-end feeling and traction while riding in different conditions.


Brembo brakes up front

For the first time in KX history, a Brembo braking system sits at the front of the KX450, including a master cylinder and brake caliper for improved power and control. A Nissin braking system will remain on the rear which is also remarkable mainly for the fact Japanese manufacturers so rarely adopt different components like that.

Tool-less air filter access

“Improving the overall ergonomics while maintaining the KX machine’s pure racing style” was the priority for Kawasaki engineers they explain. The 2024 KX450 features all-new bodywork that allows riders to change their riding position more easily.

The shrouds, side covers and rear fender all received updated design, condensing the KX450’s overall appearance for a lighter-look and feel while adding to the mass centralisation of the bike itself they say.

A new quick-release design features on the side cover they say too, allowing tool-less access to the air filter.

Another new element here is the ODI Lock-On grips which come standard. The system bolts the grips to the handlebar and simplifies the process of replacing grips. The grips come with green details in the rubber tips and mounting hardware.

Multi-function handlebar switch

The new traction control and power mode switch on the left handlebar is another first for the KX line, Kawasaki say. You can choose the level of KTRC assistance (strong, weak or off), adjust between power modes (normal or mild response) and activate launch control at the push of a button.

Power mode mapping can now be adjusted using “RIDEOLOGY THE APP”, another KX-series first. Instead of using the current accessory FI calibration kit, riders will now be able to adjust fuel and ignition timing and keep a maintenance log using Bluetooth connectivity from their smartphone. The app is not intended for use while riding but while servicing.

2024 Kawasaki KX450 technical data:



MSRP: $10,399/ $10,599 for the X (no prices currently for ROW/Europe)

Availability: Autumn 2024


More information: www.kawasaki.com