Italian off-road specialists (and EnduroGP World Champions) have created complete rally kits for Honda’s Africa Twin RD07 model – they also have options for different model years of the iconic Dakar-inspired adventure bike. 


The new Africa Twin RD07 Ivan Replica kits – there are two options – from off-road specialsits Boano were born from within the family business and the experience of Roberto Boano at the Dakar Rally, where he raced with all three Africa Twin models back in the day (RD03, 04 and 07), and then by Ivan Boano who lends his name to the kits.

Boano make a whole range of parts to suit the much-loved twin cylinder Honda Africa Twin models but the new ‘Ivan Replica’ kits bring them together in two packages. The aim with the kits is simply to make them look and function better by reducing weight, improving handling to create a more manageable bike to ride on and off-road.

A narrower tank allows greater movement on the bike for the rider and, because it drops down the sides of the engine, moves weight lower to improve handling. The whole kit also updates the Africa Twin now dated styling to bring it more up-to-date with more modern adventure look. 

Boano have two options for the RD07 model Africa Twin: an Ivan Replica “aesthetic” kit which includes revised fuel tank and bodywork and also the more complete Ivan Replica “Race” option with full suspension, triple clamps and upgraded exhaust system. 

“Aesthetic” RD07 Ivan Replica parts list:

  • 23 litres front fuel tank
  • Reinforced fairing
  • Fairing and headlight support mount/frame
  • Two LED headlights
  • Carbon engine sump guard
  • Complete rally seat – can be standard height or adjusted to your height (needs your original foam)
  • Side panels under the seat
  • Cristal by Core Stickers graphic kit
  • Rear mudguard with LED
  • Rear fender / license plate holder and rack

Race option RD07 Ivan Replica additional parts:

  • SACHS 48mm forks, closed cartridge with dedicated settings for the bike
  • Brake caliper, new axle and spacers kits
  • Braded front brake hoses
  • Boano triple clamps
  • New front fender
  • Ohlins Boano-spec shock absorber (adjustable for compression, rebound, preload)
  • Leo Vince silencer/header pipes
  • A new complete seat is optional for €200.00 + VAT
  • The kit is supplied without graphics but can be treated and painted – price on request.


Cost: €2870 for “aesthetic” option (bodywork and tank kit)

€6370,00 for full kit with suspension


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