WTF? A new, six-speed, 112cc two-stroke from a Japanese manufacturer? Kawasaki announce a new KX112 model promising to be a perfect first proper off-road bike for teenagers and fit for enduro.

Kawasaki have blindsided us with the news of a fresh two-stroke, yes two-stroke, model to fill that gap between the mini and 65/85cc and full capacity bikes. In fact the KX112 has been available in some parts of the world in this current specification for over a year now but it’s fresh to us.

The bigger picture here is there definitely aren’t enough two-stroke dirt bikes out there encouraging new or younger riders into enduro. Come on kids, you have no excuses now, imagine this in a hare and hound or extreme enduro?

With an 870mm (34.3in) seat height, weighing in at 77kg (170lbs) with fuel, 19-inch/16inch front rear wheel sizes and a six-speed gearbox, Kawasaki is rightly pitching the KX112 as an intermediate off-road model.

The aim is to meet the needs of either new riders, who are too big for smaller “first bikes”, or those teenagers who already have riding experience but before moving up to higher displacements like the KX250.


It can be a huge leap to go from a small bike to either a 250 four-stroke or 125 two-stroke, regardless of how much experience a rider may have. While there are four-stroke intermediate models out there, including from Kawasaki, a new 112cc two-stroke is a rare beast indeed.

Equipped with a water-cooled, single cylinder, 112cc 2T engine, the KX112 has a power valve in the exhaust, a steel perimeter frame, 36mm inverted fork, and a 19" diameter front wheel and 16 inch rear.

Plus that all-important six-speed gearbox which, for us in enduro at least, makes a difference in terms of gear choice for the terrain.

The new model also offers the option to adapt the riding position, according to height, in up to six different positions through their “ErgoFit” system. It gives multiple options for adjustment through handlebars, seat and footpegs.

Until now, to get a 2T bike of this displacement, you’d have to upgrade a big wheel 85 with a big bore kit but Kawasaki has bitten an important bullet here we’re saying and we applaud them for it.

Obviously it is in motocross spec, like all Kawasaki models essentially but the races and clubs are out there for teenagers and this bike looks ready to go to us.

Kawasaki say the new KX112 will be available from mid-March at official dealers but in very limited units at a price of $5649/£5049/€5999. Be quick sports fans!

Kawasaki KX112 specifications:



Photo Credit: Kawasaki