The Motorex Oil range of products for Enduro and Off-Road is a comprehensive one but did you know they make specialist products for your MTB and cycles too? The Motorex Hydraulic Fluid 75 comes in a new 250ml metal can and offers a range of benefits over standard mineral brake fluid.

Motorex say their tried and tested Hydraulic Fluid 75 offers the ideal solution for hydraulic bicycle brake systems that require a mineral oil-based fluid. The hydraulic oil manufactured by the Swiss lubricant specialist is now available in the all-new and more environmentally friendly 250ml metal can (reducing packaging waste compared with the 100ml plastic bottle) which features a child-resistant cap – it is not DOT fluid for motorcycles by the way.

Motorex Hydraulic Fluid 75 highlights:

  • High seal compatibility
  • Excellent age resistance
  • Non-hygroscopic
  • Safe and fast response
  • High viscosity index
  • Excellent operating temperature range
Hydraulic Fluid 75 as brake fluid for bikes

Motorex Hydraulic Fluid 75 is ideal for all brake systems supplied by manufacturers that specify a mineral oil-based fluid. Its excellent seal compatibility, in addition to its high viscosity index mean that hydraulic brake systems using this fluid are able to consistently deliver high performance under all conditions. Furthermore, due to its non-hygroscopic properties, the fluid also offers the benefit of high age resistance.

Mountain bikers in particular depend on having perfect control of the brakes when riding downhill at high speed on loose ground. Motorex Hydraulic Fluid 75 takes this into account with safe and particularly sensitive response characteristics.

Hydraulic oils for hydraulic bicycle brake systems have to meet a wide range of requirements: they must apply the braking force easily and precisely, for example, be highly compatible with the seals and also be particularly resistant to aging and temperature. Motorex Hydraulic Fluid 75 manages this difficult balancing act easily and for this reason is extremely popular with experienced bikers. As a result of its special formulation, it is ideal for hydraulic bicycle brake systems requiring a fluid based on mineral oil.


Motorex will in future use sheet metal instead of plastic for the packaging of this high-quality hydraulic oil. The new 250 ml can looks more modern and is much more stable. A further benefit is that the metal used is more environmentally sustainable, since it is far easier to recycle than plastic. In addition, the label is now visually similar to the design of the Motorex brake fluids.


Motorex Hydraulic Fluid 75 is available with immediate effect in a 250ml metal can from specialist dealers.


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