Central Powersports Distribution (CPD) home of Rieju, Funnel Web, S3 Parts and more in North America, has announced a 33,000 sq ft warehouse facility outside of Dallas, Texas on an 8.8 acre site with woods and space for year-round testing, bike set-up, and photoshoots.

Having somewhere to ride and test dirt bikes just outside your front door is surely most people’s dream but it is now a reality for the major North American importers of off-road motorcycle brands such as Rieju, Electric Motion, SWM, Funnel Web Filters, S3 Parts, and Trickbits.

“It has been a long search for us, as we have always wanted to have all of our logistics, warehousing, testing, and operations in one central location,” Mark Berg commented of CPD. “We have found the ideal location in Marshall, Texas, that has moved CPD much closer to sea port access and near to the off-road market. The people and the community of Marshall have been amazing in helping us get this purchase complete.”

CPD’s complete move will not be until spring 2023, but CPD will start receiving ocean containers of Rieju, SWM, and Electric Motion units and shipping them out to the dealer network from the new Texas facility before the end of 2022.

“The steady growth of CPD has made this purchase vital, to both maintain and continue to grow our dealer relationships beyond what we would be able to accomplish in the northern Midwest. Our team is ready for the move and the great future! We have more off-road product lines, both OEM and aftermarket, coming to CPD for our dealers in the months ahead. We needed one facility that could sustain our growth for the years to come, and this Marshall, Texas, location has all of that plus a great central location to serve the entire US.” - Mark Berg

Once the move is complete, CPD will be looking to add important key members to the CPD team. With the State of Texas already being full of dirtbike enthusiasts, there should be a deep pool of employable talent to pull from.

CPD currently imports and distributes notable OEM motorcycle brands such as Rieju, Electric Motion, and SWM. Viral Brand goggles was recently added to the CPD family of aftermarket brands already in distribution, including Funnel Web Filters, S3 Parts, and Trickbits protection parts. CPD will continue to add more aftermarket segments specific to off-road; more announcements are to come on the aftermarket sector for CPD and OEM additions.


For more information on becoming a CPD dealer, or if you are located in or around Marshall, TX, and are interested in joining the CPD team, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.