Have you got a trials bike in the garage alongside the enduro bike? MOTOREX Oils have developed a 75W gear oil specifically for trials motorcycles.

MOTOREX is expanding its portfolio with a gear oil developed specifically for trials bikes that can withstand the most severe demands of competitive events. The new TRIAL GEAR OIL 75W provides sensitive clutch response even under continuous load and also delivers outstanding lubrication reliability for the clutch and gearbox, claims the Swiss oil manufacturer.

MOTOREX Trial Gear Oil 75W technical highlights:

  • Developed specifically for trials motorcycles in collaboration with GASGAS
  • Particularly sensitive and jerk-free clutch response
  • Perfect clutch disengagement
  • Glug-free pouring spout
  • Fully synthetic oil meets the API GL-4 standard and delivers outstanding lubrication reliability for clutch and gearbox

Here's what Motorex have to say about the new oil:

The development of this fully synthetic oil – which meets the performance requirements of the API GL-4 standard – was carried out in collaboration with GASGAS. The Spanish trial motorcycle manufacturer fills its bikes ex-works with lubricants from MOTOREX.

In terms of balance and climbing abilities, motorcycle trial riders are artists on two wheels. Riding machines that are light in weight and have lots of torque, plus they demand precise control of the engine power using the clutch lever which is often the deciding factor between success and failure.

The material must be able to cope with situations of extreme stress, as the two-wheeled acrobats often push their bikes to the limits of physics while riding the clutch. There are also extremely high thermal loads on all drive components during competitive events.

The new MOTOREX TRIAL GEAR OIL 75W meets these challenges without a hitch. Developed jointly with cooperation partner and trial specialist GASGAS, the focus of the Swiss lubricant manufacturer was primarily on creating an oil that offered maximum durability and a smooth and sensitive clutch response.

The oil’s special formulation, among other things therefore, contains highly effective additives. They ensure that, even under sustained stress, MOTOREX TRIAL GEAR OIL 75W provides sensitive control of the clutch, to support the driver with optimum feedback at all times. This makes it the ideal choice for all trial motorcycles for which the manufacturer specifies a lubricant meeting the API GL-4 standard. GASGAS also recommends switching to the new MOTOREX TRIAL GEAR OIL 75W for brand-new machines following the prescribed running-in period.


The new MOTOREX TRIAL GEAR OIL 75W is available immediately from specialist dealers in the innovative 1-litre bottle. The integrated filling spout and well-thought-out design offer numerous practical benefits.

The best example is its "anti-glug" pouring effect: when the bottle is tilted, a specially designed air channel compensates for the resulting negative pressure. This prevents annoying spillage and allows the oil to flow out smoothly. The shape of the bottle has also been designed to ensure that no residue remains.


More information: www.motorex.com