Fantic Motor and Yamaha Motor Europe “close off the deal” on their partnership following the 100% acquisition of shares in Motori Minarelli – “We will work together to increase Motori Minarelli’s know-how on engines and e-powertrains, and widen the production range,” say Mariano Roman, CEO at Fantic Motor.

In a slightly impenetrable press release, dated January 19, 2021, Yamaha Motor Europe and Fantic Motor have announced their collaboration will “go to the next level” in motorcycle and e-mobility development and production following Fantic's acquisition of Motori Minarelli.

The move basically strengthens the connection between three brands operating within Europe and will give the Italian engine (powertrain) and e-mobility specialists Motori Minarelli. In turn that brings the stability to move forward with development and production of their products for Minarelli which Yamaha and Fantic can utilise in their product range.

“The strengthening of the partnership with Yamaha Motor Europe and the acquisition of Motori Minarelli represent for Fantic Motor an important step to further reinforce our position as a technological leader in the production of motorcycles, e-bikes and e-mobility products in Italy”, says Mariano Roman, CEO at Fantic Motor.

“We will work together to further increase Motori Minarelli’s know-how on engines and e-powertrain, widen the production range, to offer to Motori Minarelli’s customers competitive, cutting edge technology powertrains, while safeguarding the current employment levels.”

“We are particularly satisfied by the finalization of this important partnership,” comments Eric de Seynes, President of Yamaha Motor Europe. “The long-term partnership between Yamaha Motor Europe and Fantic Motor will create the conditions for a smooth transition to the new business plan and will allow Motori Minarelli to continue in its mission while maintaining its identity. The deal will also create a strong future for Motori Minarelli within the Italian industry, allowing the company to be perfectly positioned to implement new business activities and to expand its operation and supply range.”


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