Fresh product news from Polisport who have just released this Armadillo Extreme Silencer Guard, a new addition to their extensive off-road bike protection range.

Polisport’s Armadillo range is pretty well established by now and a familiar sight on the header pipes of bikes in extreme and hard enduros. The simple design is lightweight, heat resistant and adaptable to the shape and size of your exhaust to offer protection against impacts.

This new Armadillo Extreme Silencer Guard is from exactly the same remit and is designed to provide that barrier when you drop the bike on its side.

The Armadillo design basically bends and adapts to your exhaust shape, whatever bike you ride, thanks to a dual-compound (stainless steel and silicone) construction. It provides better protection and impact absorption, Polisport says, while also avoiding vibration noises when compared to other metallic protection solutions.

Installation is quick and it can also be removed easily (for cleaning the dirt out) with just two metal brackets.

Price: TBA
Colours: black, orange, blue, red, and nardo grey colours.


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