LEATT has launched a new Helmet Replacement Programme aiming to reduce risks riders face through using old or damaged crash hats with “significant discount on a replacement helmet purchase”. 

Off-road riders have a mixed relationship with their helmets. From using an old one a mate gave you five years ago which gets thrown in the back of the van, to buying the cheapest option from a trade stand through to spending whatever it takes to have the highest possible rated, tested and approved safety bonnet on your bonce.

In enduro it seems there can be an “it’ll be alright” attitude to helmet life and condition, particularly when event organisers are often not checking them. But the truth is a damaged helmet seriously risks injury when it no longer offers the same safety levels in terms of shell condition, where the inner liner and protection system has deteriorated or been damaged already in a crash, or chin strap has deteriorated. This much is true: broken bones can usually be healed but brain injuries can be far more serious.

Leatt is answering these inherent issues with their new ‘Helmet Replacement Program’ which offers a “significant discount on a replacement helmet purchase” when you trade like-for-like.

How it works

It’s pretty simple, Leatt Helmet Replacement Support offers a brand new Leatt helmet at 40% discount on the recommended retail price listed in your country, plus shipping cost. The replacement helmet will be the same model as yours or, if this model is no longer available, the closest equivalent helmet or a better one will be offered.

To qualify for helmet replacement support the damage to your helmet must be related to a crash (as opposed to improper handling or misuse), your helmet must less than three years old (at date of submission) and you need to provide a copy of your purchase receipt, images of the damaged helmet, and information about the crash.

More information: www.leatt.com/helmet-replacement-program