The new Factory Edition #1 Chain Guide is TM Designworks’ Chain Guide is a “do-it-all” hybrid of TMD’s other models designed for trail, enduro, and MX use but at the lighter end of the off-road scale.

TM Designworks’ are known for their “Slide-N-Guide” chain guides with their parts fitted to many factory race bikes around the world of enduro and hard enduro. The new Factory Edition #1 Rear Chain Guide takes a step away from the serious race bike use to aim more squarely at off-roaders who want the durability of TMD’s impact-resistant guides but don’t want or need to spend big.

The new model is called the Factory Edition #1 Chain Guide and mixes elements of the Factory Edition SX and Factory Edition #2 guides in the TMD range. They say that makes it the perfect “do-all component for your weekend warrior”.



Available for most 2021 off-road models, the #1 chain guide features their ‘Return Memory System’ plastic which is developed specifically to combat hits from trailside rocks and logs. The new design also has a “compact” construction allowing it to move through deep ruts on the tracks and trails more easily.


Cost: $85.95

Colours: Black and OEM colourways


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