New, “beefier” Factory Edition 2 version of the TM Designworks chain guide and rear sprocket protector.

TM Designworks have released an updated version of their tried and tested Factory Edition chain guide. The “beefier” Factory Edition 2 model is designed for enduro and off road and they claim will last longer than the Factory Edition SX/1 options. 

Utilizing TMD’s “Return Memory Formula” plastic, they claim rocks and logs can do no damage to the virtually indestructible lightweight chain guide. 

A replaceable wear pad allows for years of abuse without the frustration of constantly replacing worn parts. The chain guide body has a 1-year replacement warranty in the USA and a matching front chain slider is also available. 

This is the chain guide used out of preference by the Factory KTM and Husqvarna Off-Road teams worldwide plus the Sherco and GasGas USA race teams. We know from experience the Factory Edition 1 is a solid unit so this can only be an improvement.

Price: $97.95/£89.99

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