Suspension specialists WP Eric Auge adapt the standard WP XPLOR PRO 6500 cartridge kits to upgrade the Beta SACHS front forks.

If you’re not happy with your standard suspension you have options: visit a specialist and get the OEM settings changed, opt for a complete (but costly) upgrade just like the factory riders are using or, in the forks at least, go for a cartridge kit like this.

WP’s XPLOR PRO 6500 is a relatively simple to install upgrade kit designed to fit straight in the KTM/Husqvarna/GASGAS enduro model range. Much less expensive than the XPLOR Pro Cone Valve forks full-factory upgrade, the cartridge kit offers a meaningful return on your buck with improved damping, better quality (more durable) components and improved performance.

Spanish-based suspension specialists WP Eric Auge have been working with the Beta Trueba team in the Spanish Enduro Championship and basically developing that WP cartridges as a significant upgrade to the SACHS series, ZF-branded fork fitted to standard Beta models.

Not sure who Eric Auge are? They are the number one European WP suspension centre (number two globally), run a race team in the EnduroGP World Championship and provide suspension service not just at GPs but Romaniacs and the ISDE (if you going to either of those races, go check ‘em out).

If you’re tooled-up and have the know-how, you can fit the cartridge kit yourself but as ever, the best setting for you needs to be tailored to your bike, riding and weight. WP Eric Auge have been a year in development with the different Beta enduro bikes and a range of riders to now be able to give you a perfect set-up (they ship internationally and are a trusted point of consultation post-fit).

They don’t simply chuck the cartridge kit in and send you on your way. They’ve developed settings with Jordi Figueras – team manager of the Beta Trueba team – taking into account your type of riding, level of riding and the weight of the rider with the aim of offering the best feel, durability and adjustability. Note, there’s a heck of a difference between the 125 two-stroke and the 490 4T – the cartridge kit need adapting to the bike at least!

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