Enduro21 takes a look at Leatt’s top-end C-Frame Pro Carbon knee braces developed by the South African firm to protect one of the most exposed joints for off-road riders from injuries and impacts.

Although the breadth and depth of Leatt’s product range for off-road sport (Moto and MTB) continues to grow, perhaps the riding gear they are best associated with is the protective equipment. It has been their speciality from the very start with the neck brace but the high-tech protection products also includes knee brace range, in which the new C-Frame Pro Carbon sits on top of the tree.

“The culmination of biomechanical and safety knowledge”, their concept is for total protection against impacts and unwanted rotations and to prevent the much dreaded ligament and meniscus injuries, which often mean long periods of downtime and recovery for riders.

C-Frame Pro Carbon knee brace technical highlights:

  • Super rigid structure with a single external single arm and double mechanized hinge to distribute forces through three support points and avoid ligament and meniscus injuries
  • Adjustable quadriceps zone
  • Very low profile inner knee for superior feel
  • Reduction and absorption of forces to reduce knee injuries
  • CE tested and certified as impact protection: knee EN1621-1
  • Limits hyperextension through 10, 15, 20 and 25 degrees
  • Designed to break before injury, with built-in lab-tested fracture points
  • Comfortable low profile Carbon shin plate with load distribution pad adaptable to all boots
  • Stockings included
  • Junior to XXL sizes

How do the C-shaped knee braces work?

Incorporated into the name of the product, the C-Frame aspect of these braces is based on the distribution of forces through three points, with an ultra-resistant inner joint that is composed of two gears.


An ‘exo structure’ distributes the forces through these three points indicated in the photograph (upper thigh, inside of the knee and outside of the calf), and the double gear pivots simultaneously, simulating the natural movement of the knee.

In turn the alignment with the joints and adjustable stop mechanism (through 10, 15, 20 and 25 degrees), prevents anterior cruciate ligament injuries and hyperextension.

The Pro Carbon is the top-spec knee brace in a three-model range from Leatt which, as the name suggests, promises lightness through design plus comfort, mobility and above all “total protection”.

The Pro carbon is already available in authorised Leatt stores.

Sizes: Junior to XXL

Cost: €549 (VAT included)

More information: www.leatt.com