Palacongressi Rimini will host the grand pre-Christmas gathering of the FIM ‘family’ to celebrate the motorcycle racing season, crown the 2022 World Champions and see the FIM President elected this Saturday, December 3.

The occasion will see all motorcycle sport disciplines standing shoulder-to-shoulder including the 2022 champions in enduro Andrea Verona, who has perhaps the shortest distance to travel, and Wil Ruprecht who has the longest flying from back home in Australia.

The event will be streamed live on FIM official channels with the FIM Facebook page being the easiest place to view off-road sport champions like Sam Sunderland, Billy Bolt, Brad Freeman, Zach Pichon, Harry Edmondson and Jane Daniels dressed in their smart togs.

The FIM Awards Ceremony will be preceded by the FIM General Assembly on Friday with a full programme for the more than 100 national federations who will vote on several important matters including the election of the FIM President. On this note, it is expected that the current president, Jorge Viegas, will continue in the role.

This year’s programme includes a pre-eventautograph session with the FIM World Champions at the Teatro Amintore Galli in Rimini.

On the evening of December 3 the newly elected FIM President will join the hundreds of guests from all corners of the motorcycle community to recognise and applaud the recently crowned FIM World Champions’ achievements - in many cases as individuals, but also as part of their national or sporting team in other cases too. Whatever their discipline, their incredible skill and bravery will be fully appreciated by all present as they take to the stage to collect their gold medals.

In addition to celebrating sporting success, equally the FIM Awards are a moment to acknowledge the efforts of all those involved in and the winners of the FIM Trophies that now include - Women in Motorcycle Trophy; FIM Environmental Trophy; FIM Family Trophy; FIM Trophy for The Future, FIM Road Safety Trophy and FIM Touring World Challenge.

Follow it all, live on the FIM Facebook page.