Taddy Blazusiak has been docked two positions in moto two of the Denver round of the 2022 GEICO AMA EnduroCross Championship on Saturday, changing the race and overall results plus the series standings to bring Trystan Hart as joints points leader.

The EnduroCross series have made the announcement following the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) releasing a post-race penalty report imposing a two position penalty on Taddy for “advantage gained while outside the boundary of the race course” in the first lap of the second moto in round three.

The two-position penalty on the GASGAS Factory rider results in a change in the moto two overall finish positions, the round three overall finish positions and the overall series standings.

The updated moto two overall has FactoryOne Sherco rider Cody Webb as the first place finisher. Red Bull KTM rider Trystan Hart will take second place in moto two and Blazusiak will now officially be classified as finishing in third.

Trystan Hart’s round three overall win remains unchanged by this penalty, but moves Webb from third to second overall on the night ahead of Blazusiak who moves down one position to third overall.

The move to third place overall in the round three standing’s also means four points in the series standings shift from Blazusiak to Webb which means we now have a tie for first place in the series between Blazusiak and Hart. Additionally, Cody Webb now has 55 points in the overall series, but remains in fourth place.

The updated results are as follows:

UPDATED: 2022 AMA Super EnduroCross round 3 Moto 2 (top 3):

1. Cody Webb, Sherco

2. Trystan Hart, KTM

3. Taddy Blazusiak, GasGas

UPDATED 2022 AMA Super EnduroCross round three overall results (top 3):

1. Trystan Hart, 2-2-1, KTM

2. Cody Webb, 3-1-5, Sherco

3.Taddy Blazusiak, 4-3-2, GasGas

UPDATED 2022 AMA Super EnduroCross Series Standings (Top 5):

1. Taddy Blazusiak - 67 Points

1. Trystan Hart - 67 Points

3. Jonny Walker - 61 Points

4. Cody Webb - 55 Points

5. Cooper Abbott - 48 Points


The AMA defines course cutting as:

“a. Leaving the designated race course is forbidden. A rider must make every effort to stay on course at all times. The penalty for course cutting to gain an advantage will be the loss of finishing positions or a disqualification.

b. A rider forced off the course may continue the race by properly re-entering the track at the closest safe point. While off the course the rider may not accelerate in an unsafe manner or attempt to gain an advantage. If a rider accelerates while off the course or cuts large amounts of the race course, the rider may be determined to have gained an advantage without gaining a position.

c. An advantage is not defined by the race position.”


- AMA Rule F6a.b.c. - Page 35 in the Rulebook


Photo Credit: Jack Jaxson