Skovde Enduro Week, which incorporates the 2021 EnduroGP of Sweden later in July, is growing into a proper enduro festival with an all-comers cross-country race added to the programme – the Billingen Enduro Challenge will run separately on the day after GP (Sunday), use the same tests, is open to all-comers and there’s prize money!

The EnduroGP World Championship round four in Skovde takes place across 22-24 of July and will be the first major event to open itself up to the public and allow spectators in. With the GP running Thursday to Saturday, that leaves Sunday as the fun day and the team of people behind the event has plugged the gap with a cross-country race for all-comers.

The Billingen Enduro Challenge is part of the Skovde Enduro Week welcoming everyone to Sweden and will run for 2.5 hours on an approximate 25-minute lap. The event is open to anyone from elite level to amateur and youth riders plus a total of €6000 prize purse i son offer including €1000 for the Women’s class alone.


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Photo Credit and info: Kalle Lundstedt | Race Magazine