Enduro21 drops in on an EnduroGP of Wales media day to ride the terrain and check out plans for the FIM World Enduro Championship round this August 2-4.

It might be a couple of months and GP rounds away but it’s all getting a bit real in deepest Wales where Enduro21 headed to see the two spectacular host locations, check the plans for the lap, the tests and even taste some of the dirt.

An insight into just what goes on behind the scenes to bring an EnduroGP to any country is an eye-opener. For Adam Rees and the dedicated team at Rhayader Motor Club round six of the season, the ForSiteServices GP of Wales on August 2-4, is fast approaching.


The Rhayader club’s main venue, on top of the hill outside the town itself (shown top), is a well-established track used to hosting large spectator events.

Growing even larger to accommodate the riders and spectators for the GP (and now with a new building on site), it will be the base for the event with the paddocks, admin and tech control, plus Friday Super Test and Cross Test during the weekend.


The Saintswell venue (above) is just under 10 miles (16km) away and will be a second base for spectators during the Saturday and Sunday with two tests, Enduro and Extreme. The event format will bring riders there, send them off on a loop and bring them back again for a second test. With all classes doing the laps all day, the plan is to allow spectators and teams to have one base away from the paddock to keep them entertained without the need to keep jumping in the car or van to get around.

Although the GP of Wales will fit the regular format for EnduroGPs in terms of tests and length of days, the aim is to bring a typical element of the host location into play. Wales is a very traditional enduro country, the GP will run through lanes and forests which have hosted enduro since the ISDE was a newborn baby.


The preview of the Saintswell venue we had also points to a more natural Extreme Test too with the man-made Super Test logs and tyres only being used on Friday. The Enduro and Extreme tests for Saturday and Sunday will feature the natural terrain of the venue.

One addition will be a forest time check on the card for the day. An additional test if you like although not a test, it will take riders through a typical Welsh forest with a time control at the exit to make sure nobody is sight-seeing in the woods.

For the second time this year, Enduro21 raced some of the same test terrain the GP riders will face in August at the Welsh Open Sprint Enduro series. Rounds one and two have taken in the Cwmythig Hill and Sainstwell venues.


It will surely be a solid test of any rider taking part but will definitely be a cracker of an event and a fitting return of the EnduroGP series to British soil. 

Tickets are still available for either day or weekend with a huge amount of space available for parking and camping on-site. 

More information: www.endurogp.wales

Photo Credit: Vision Off Road Media