Italian Enduro Championship organisers move race dates and make positive plans for post-Coronavirus racing programme in 2020. 

 As the first and worst affected country in Europe by the Coronavirus outbreak, and the first enduro series to declare events were off, good news arrives today from the Italian championship organisers. The Italian Motorcycle Federation, the Enduro Committee and race promoters, Maxim, have today announced a new calendar for the 2020 Italian Enduro Championship. 

The first round of the Assoluti d'Italia-IMF Cup/Coppa Italia season will now be in Piediluco on May 24. The first round previously scheduled for March 1 in Passirano, will now take place on August 2 ahead of the 2020 ISDE in Northern Italy. The March 14-15, Arma di Taggia round moves to October 31-November 1, both in the same locations as previous.

Meanwhile the round in Custonaci, Sicily on March 28-29 has been cancelled this year and will run again in 2021.

As for the Italian Under23/Senior Championship, the race in Alassio will be re-run on October 18 in the same location.

Revised 2020 Italian Enduro Championship calendar:



Photo Credit: Italiano Enduro