FIM Hard Enduro World Championship (HEWC) round three, the all-new ABESTONE Hard Enduro race in Italy, has released event details ahead of the July 10-11 race date – entries already open.

The new Italian Extreme Enduro race which will fall between Erzbergrodeo and Romaniacs in this new FIM Hard Enduro World Championship, promises a “challenging” course for riders as entries open and event details emerge.

ABESTONE Hard Enduro event format:

Friday, July 9:  Technical and administrative checks

Saturday, July 10: Prologue which will be divided into two distinct tests with Test 1 raced as a circuit for five laps. Test 2 will be a SuperEnduro circuit (number of laps is TBA).

The times from Test 1 + Test 2 will combine for the overall results for day one.

The 50 best times on day one will then progress to Sunday’s Main Event.

Sunday, July 11: three-hour (plus one lap) cross-country style main event with a healthy lap of around 45 minutes.

Entries open March 3.

More details including bike rental on the event website:

Long-time coming for Italian Hard Enduro fans

The race will be organized by the Italian Hard Enduro (I.H.E.), which is a new promoter directed by rider Michele Bosi who will collaborate with a team of event specialists as well as race the new event himself.

As ever and in-keeping with the former WESS championship philosophy, the ABESTONE Hard Enduro is open to anyone, amateur or professional riders. The event will comply with the Covid-19 regulations currently in place at the time of the event.

2021 FIM Hard Enduro World Championship:

Round 1: May 7/8/9 - Extreme XL Lagares - Portugal - FMP

Round 2: June 3/4/5/6 - Red Bull Erzbergrodeo - Austria - AMF

Round 3: July 10/11 – Abestone Hard Enduro – Italy - FMI

Round 4: July 27/28/29/30/31 - Red Bull Romaniacs - Romania - FRM

Round 5: August 13/15 - Red Bull TKO - USA - AMA

Round 6: September 18/19 – Hero Challenge – Poland - PZM

Round 7: October 1/2/3 - Hixpania Hard Enduro - Spain - RFME

Round 8: October 29/30 - GetzenRodeo - Germany – DMSB


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