The organising committee behind the 2022 FIM International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE) have revealed the first details of daily routes, plus a new technical schedule, for the 96th edition in Puy en Velay, France.

The French Motorcycle Federation (FFM) and the organising committee have plenty to play with in the Puy en Velay, the capital of the Haute-Loire department and the heart of the Auvergne region. It is every bit the heart of enduro country for the French and hosted the final rounds of the EnduroGP World Championship just 40km away in Langeac this season and also in Ambert, 70km away, in 2019.

That means it will be familiar terrain to many of the EnduroGP regulars but will also guarantee a strong crowd when we descend on the biggest sporting event in our calendar from Monday August 29 to Saturday September 3, 2022.

The Organising Committee – COISDE-2022 – is made up of three hugely experienced motorcycle clubs (the Moto Club du Puy en Velay, the Moto Club de Saugues and the Moto Club Moto Verte Haute Lozère), and has put more than six months into the course already.

A course for the riders

They say the 2022 ISDE course will focus on two main points: providing an enjoyable course “as the riders like it”, one which is varied with breath-taking landscapes plus on delivering a technical level “specific to the DNA of the ISDE”.

2022 ISDE route details

The committee says the route will be organised around three completely different loops, each of around 200 kilometres, which will take the competitors on a journey to the heart of the region.

“No less than” 13 different special tests and five timed tests per day, with five service time checks per day, including two double ones. That will mean only three separate service areas in to help the logistics for the teams.

Days 1 & 2 - Loop 1: Haute Loire - Haut Allier - Gévaudan

Days 3 & 4 - Loop 2: Haute Loire - Lozère - Langogne

Day 5 - Loop 3: Haute Loire - Puy en Velay - Emblavez

Day 6 - Final Cross Test: Haute Loire - Puy en Velay, in the immediate vicinity of the Paddock.

No Sunday off this year

The FIM say they have been looking to help riders and teams by reducing costs. They’ve taken a look at the overall timetable and decided to reduce the length of stay in Puy by one day. That basically means the technical admin checks will run from Friday to Sunday morning rather than starting earlier and giving everyone the Sunday off.

Proposed ISDE 2022 timetable:

Tuesday August 23: Opening of the Paddock

Friday August 16 to Sunday August 28 late morning: Administrative and technical controls

Saturday August 27 evening: Opening ceremony at Puy en Velay, 10 kilometres from the paddock

Monday August 29 to Saturday September 3: Race days

Sunday September 4: Closure of the Paddock


Photo Credit: Enduro21 | Office du Tourisme, Le Puy en Velay