Team Italy has named their 2023 World and Junior Trophy team riders heading to the International Six Days Enduro in San Juan, Argentina this November – most successful nation in recent Six Days history replaces old guard with young ISDE World Trophy squad.

With three victories and a second place between the World Trophy and Junior Trophy teams in the last two editions of the Six Days of Enduro, Italy will arrive in Argentina this November for the 97th ISDE with plenty of eyes on their line-up.

The Italian Federation (IMF) Technical Commissioner, Cristian Rossi, has put together perhaps a bold Trophy squad this year, leaving out some of the experienced names we are so used to seeing.

Riders like Thomas Oldrati, Alex Salvini and Davide Guarneri have all been retired from ISDE duties (two of them having retired from the world championship in any case, the other is on the verge of it) and have been replaced by a young and you’d have to say a much less experienced ISDE line-up.

2023 Italian World Trophy Team

Samuele Bernardini, Honda Red Moto World Enduro.

Kevin Cristino, Fantic Factory Enduro.

Morgan Lesiardo, Sherco Racing Factory.

Andrea Verona, GasGas Factory.

Italian Junior Trophy Team

Valentine Courses, Fantic Factory Enduro.

Manolo Morettini, Honda Red Moto World Enduro.

Enrico Rinaldi, GTG Motogamma Contect.

It is not expected that Italy will field a Women’s Trophy Team.

Giovanni Copioli, IMF President: “Given the successes of the last few editions, in my opinion Italy will be the most awaited team. This gives us enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility. For us it will be a really interesting Six Days, with teams made up of very young but at the same time expert riders.

“All of them have already achieved important results and, as they have done in the past, I am sure they will give their best for our country. I plan to join the boys in Argentina to support them, because the Maglia Azzurra is one of the IMF’s flagship projects. I conclude by thanking all the teams involved, who have shown participation and a sense of belonging.”

Cristian Rossi, FMI Technical Commissioner: “We will have two competitive formations. Our drivers are technically prepared and above all they know how to play as a team, an essential aspect in a competition such as the Six Days. We will have to be able, once again, to be in top physical and mental shape for the entire duration of the race. Given the results of the last few years, we will be in the spotlight and we will give our best to continue to stand out.”


The 2023 International Six Days of Enduro runs from November 6-11 in San Juan Argentina.


Photo Credit: Dario Agratti