The 2020 Hellas Rally has been forced to cancel due to increasing Covid-19 restrictions in Greece. The hugely accessible and popular event that Enduro21 massively enjoyed and which runs across some of Europe’s most untouched countryside will re-schedule to May 23-29, 2021.


Event director Meletis Stamatis released the following statement today, September 22:

With a heavy heart I have to announce the postponement of Hellas Rally for May 2021.

Unfortunately, while Greece was a paradigm in terms of Covid 19 safety now has become a red zone with more and more restrictions applied each day while a lock down is now a most possible measure to be applied very soon. The government has announced now a 50 person limit in gatherings even outdoors and in Athens the limit is 10 with a high possibility this to be expanded nationwide.

Safety, sanity and keep the fun factor is essential and this looks now impossible.

Although we were prepared to comply with all necessary measures everything is getting much more complicated with a high risk of cancellation few days before the start.

We did our best but this tiny thing looks mighty, mightier than logic.

An email will be sent to all confirmed participants within the days with more details.

The new dates are 23-29 May 2021 in Nafpaktos and we are working already with the local community to offer the best possible event.


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