2023 AMA National Enduro Series wraps up with the Gobbler Getter in a dry and dusty Alabama and Steward Baylor claiming the last overall ahead of new champion Grant Baylor and Josh Toth rounding the podium.

Round 9 of 9 in the Magna1 AMA National Enduro Series presented by Moose Racing took place at the Perry Mountain Motorcycle Club in Alabama for the Gobbler Getter National Enduro. Abnormally warm and dry conditions for the final weekend of October combined with long test sections posed a challenge for the riders on 64 miles of trail with only around five miles being transfer.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Tely Energy KTM’s Steward Baylor Jr came into the event by studying what competition he has does better in previous years at this event. After winning all six tests last season at the Gobbler Getter, Josh Toth’s riding style is what Steward was trying to copy. Riding standing up and carrying a flow is what helped Steward take the final win this season. “Josh always does well at this event, and I know I need to ride like him to do well here.” Steward said. “One of the hardest things in the National Enduro Series is adapting to all the different terrains we have. Adapting to other rider’s styles at places they do well is what I always try to do.”


Seven championships in a row for Baylor family

“I may not have all the wins that Randy Hawkins has or all the championships that Mike Lafferty or Dick Burleson have, but between me and Grant now we have eight championships.” Steward said.

Babbitts Online Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Grant Baylor kept big brother Steward honest all race long at the Gobbler Getter. Grant was able take one test win and finish second overall in the other five tests of the day.

Grant was three seconds off Steward after four tests before Steward put on a strong test five and six to win by 41 seconds.


“I came here with the championship already wrapped up to try to get some bonus money and win the race.” Said Grant. “After I tweaked my leg I thought, I needed to run smoothly to get through the season healthy, but I knew I needed to finish ahead of Josh Toth for Steward to finish second behind me in the championship.”

Enduro Engineering GasGas rider Josh Toth finished third overall to make it two podiums in a row and six for the season. Josh was able to grab the test three win which would be his highlight of the day. Josh’s third place finish on the day lands him in third overall for the 2023 Season

Pro 2 win for Devlin but Draper takes the title

Winning the Gobbler Getter in the NE Pro 2 Class was Thorn Devlin on his Bonecutter GasGas. Thorn started the day by winning the first test and later winning the fifth test on route to a 29 second win in the class. Thorn has seven podiums and four wins including the Gobbler Getter to put him second in the NE Pro2 2023 Championship. “It felt good to battle with Liam all year basically being my own mechanic and working on my own bike, to be able to come in second for the season feels pretty good”. Thorn Said.


The NE Pro2 2023 National Enduro Champion was crowned this week with AM-Pro Yamaha rider Liam Draper Finishing second on the day. Liam had three tests wins in the middle part of the day but was slightly off pace in the other three to fall short of Devlin.

After finishing on the podium seven times with five wins, Liam becomes the 2023 Champion. “I’ve heard that if you surround yourself with good people, good things happen.” Says Draper. “I have great people in my corner this year and being part of the Yamaha team where they want to win every weekend has really helped this season”.

Nicholas Drywall KTM rider Steve Nicholas III finished on the podium for the first time in the NE Pro2 class since the Gobbler Getter last season. “It felt good to finally get on the podium this season. I feel like I have put in the work and have been riding good, but just haven’t got it done. Working full time doing Drywall most of the time it is awesome to finally get on the podium again”. Nicholas Said.


Tricker bows out of National Enduro on a high

Enduro Engineering GasGas rider Mackenzie Tricker had already won the Women’s Elite class for the sixth time, her fifth in a row no less. Tricker won all five tests at Gobbler getter to end her season on a high. “It was nice to wrap up the Championship early so that in these conditions here I didn’t have to push as hard as I normally would”. Tricker said. Mackenzie also announces that this will be her final time racing the National Enduro full time.

Brooke Cosner moved to a KX450 borrowing boyfriend Grant Baylor’s set up. Cosner had a season-best finish with second in the Women’s Elite Class. “The bike worked great honestly. Other than a little sore in my legs it worked really well for me today”. Cosner said.

Rounding out the Women’s podium was Husqvarna rider Sheryl Hunter. This is Sheryl’s first National Women’s Pro Podium finish after a run of fourth places. “I have been chasing after a podium for quite a while now.” Says Sheryl. “I would say the track was a little physical today but really fun. I had so much fun this is an awesome way to end it”.

Unbelievable points tie in Beta Cup

The Beta Cup was decided at the final round of the season also with two riders having had a near perfect season in each of their classes. With dropped races factored in, both Emma Hasbell of the Women’s Amateur Class and James Jenkins of the B200 class had perfect seasons going into the final round.

Being tied in points, wins, and then being tied in test wins also it would come down to the total average time of margin of victory for the season.

Emma held a slight advantage over James in that category and after winning all four tests at the Gobbler Getter also, Emma Hasbell became the 2023 Beta Cup Champion. She will be choosing a Beta two-stroke motorcycle of her choice curtesy of Beta USA.

Gobbler Getter Top 20 Results:



Words Credit: Logan Densmore

Photo Credit: Mack Faint