A $1000 Dirt Bike Challenge dirt bike video series is aiming to prove off-roading doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun – Sowman Films looking for crowdfunding to make a “Top Gear-style” TV show happen...

Ash Sowman is no stranger to Enduro21, he’s been making cool dirt bike films since he was 14 from his home in New Zealand and we’ve shared plenty over the years. 

Sowman has a new plan to ramp up his film output with a $1000 Dirt Bike Challenge. The concept is for Ash and four of his mates to use $1000 each to buy second-hand dirt bikes and complete a series of challenges to determine who got the best deal and hopefully prove that dirt biking doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun.

The challenges will include

  • Drag race
  • Motocross race
  • Hill climb
  • Cross-country time trial
  • Last man standing enduro competition

Sowman says, “The idea behind it is to provide people with as much entertainment relief from the constant flow of COVID peril reminders as possible, it’s my small way of contributing in these troubled times. The campaign is already off to a great start, hitting almost $1,000 in the first day, which just goes to show how sympathetic people are to the cause!”

It sounds good to us, Ash is straight-up dirt bike fanatic and is worth supporting we reckon. Ash needs some crowdfunding to make it happen, however small your contribution.

Check out Sowman’s complete plan at the Sowman Films Kickstarter page