Video highlights from two days racing at the final round of the 2022 French Enduro Championship where champions were crowned by the tightest of margins.

Montfrin in the Gard region played host to the rescheduled and concluding weekend’s racing in the 2021 French Enduro Championship, hosted by the Moto Club de Domazan in the vineyards and stony tracks typical of this corner of France.

2021 French Enduro season finale in a nutshell:

  • Day one saw champions crowned with Jeremy Tarroux, who won the day overall, taking the E1 title and Christophe Nambotin claiming the E3 championship – his 11th French title in total.
  • Leo Le Quere wasn’t letting the granddaddy of French enduro get all the limelight though and took a double E3 victory across this final weekend.
  • Tension was high on day two where E2 and Junior E1 titles were not yet decided. The E2 category was the scene of an epic battle between Jeremy Miroir and Hugo Blanjoue.
  • Miroir was seven points ahead of his opponent at the start of day two, but the battle turned in favour of the Blanjoue who took second on the day meaning Miroir needed to be top five. At the end of a final stage he ended up in sixth place, 11 hundredths from the elusive title which goes the way of Hugo Blanjoue after a disrupted season following an injury at the ISDE.
  • The final round was the first official entry for Zach Pichon, Sherco Factory Racing’s new signing and the young Frenchman dually delivered a winning ride this weekend ahead of the E2 championship protagonists.
  • The Junior E1 race also brought its share of suspense with Kilian Lunier and Antoine Alix in with a chance of the title. The two riders went head-to-head but it was Lunier who was the strongest in the final lap and wins the French Junior E1 championship.
  • Despite a dose of covid early in the season, Sherco Academy driver Pierre Dubost had an easy run to the Junior E2 class. Mathis Juillard had an even easier title run finishing Junior E3 on 191 points well clear of Theo Berger.
  • The Elite Moto 15 KTM team took a double celebration after Blanjoue’s title with Justine Martel celebrating her fourth French championship on day two. She has been totally dominant in the series, despite missing one round to compete the European Enduro Championship. She finished as the only rider in all categories to score a total of 200 points.

Day 1 video highlights:


Day 2 video highlights:


Final classification E1:

1. Jeremy Tarroux – 177 Pts

2. Till De Clercq – 176 Pts

3. Jean-Baptiste Nicolot – 132 Pts    

Final classification E2:

1. Hugo Blanjoue – 155 Pts

2. Jeremy Miroir – 155 Pts     

3.  David Abgrall – 137 Pts

Final classification E3:

1. Christophe Nambotin – 182 Pts

2. Antoine Basset – 154 Pts

3. Léo Le Quéré  – 149 Pts 

Final classification Junior:

Junior E1

1. Kilian Lunier – 188 Pts

2. Antoine Alix – 182 Pts

3. Thibault Giraudon – 140 Pts

Junior E2

1. Pierre Dubost – 160 Pts

2. Guillaume Heurtier – 146 Pts

3. Kilian Bremond – 132 Pts

Junior E3

1. Mathis Juillard – 191 Pts

2. Theo Berger – 160 Pts

3. Kilian Irigoyen – 142 Pts 

Final classification Female:

1. Justine Martel – 200 Pts

2. Marine Lemoine – 158 Pts

3. Marie Froment – 140 Pts 



Photo Credit: FFM + Mastorgne