Video highlights and image gallery from round one of the 2022 Portuguese National Hard Enduro Trophy series at the Extreme Gondomar – Diogo Viera bosses the rocks and riverbeds.

Extreme Gondomar welcomed more than 100 riders to the dry rocky terrain just east of Porto and round one of the 2022 TNHE series. Extreme Gondomar is a tough one, part of the Extreme Lagares build-up traditionally for many local riders and a “high technical level” of riding means only one single lap of approximately 40 kilometres was enough!


Opening hostilities, the prologue was designed at the Enduro Code facilities in Ferreirinha and brought plenty of drama on the man-made obstacles.

The afternoon race is where it mattered and Diogo Vieira showed why he is currently the highest ranked national rider in enduro. Ni Esteves gave it good shot but was no match in the end and finished second ahead of Tiago Oliveira – Pro class winner in 2021 – who took the lowest place on the podium.

Jose Borges took the expert class and sixth place overall ahead of 2021 winner Emanuel Costa, with Bruno Freitas taking third.

A new Open class 2T and 4T bikes had plenty of contenders but victory went to Diego Rodrigues ahead of Alvaro Mouta in second and Daniel Branco in third.

The “Sub 23” junior class saw Marco Ferreira win the day over the young Artur Fernandes. The Vets class is one of the most competitive with José Ferreira bossing it in the old boys ahead of Cesar Vieira and Jorge Araujo completing the final podium in Ferreirinha.

Xose Anxo Ares got the better of fellow countryman Xose Maria Ogando in the hobby class, Andre Gomes took the third step on the podium.


Round two of the THHE heads to Monsaraz on the April 3.


Photo Credit: João da Franca