Diogo Viera swaps SuperEnduro success for Portuguese Hard Enduro Trophy and takes victory at the Monsaraz Extrem, round two of the Troféu Nacional Hard Enduro – video highlights and results.

After the opening round for the 2022 season in Gondomar, the Portuguese National Hard Enduro Trophy descended on the ancient town of Monsaraz close to the Spanish border. This southernmost event of the year was the picturesque region’s debut in welcoming a Hard Enduro event, although it has a strong tradition of motorsports, especially enduro, with the historic Monsaraz Enduro much remembered with this THNE round two.

Portuguese Hard Enduro Trophy round 2 video highlights:


The Monsaraz Extreme was again dominated by Diogo Vieira in the Pro class. The rider from Vila Nova de Gaia, fresh from finishing the Super Enduro world championship in fourth place behind Billy Bolt, Jonny Walker and Colton Haaker, took his second win of the season.

Joel Vieira kept the current king of Portguese Hard Enduro in touch though and finished just 26 seconds behind in second place. Tiago Oliveira closed the podium and maintained his second position in the championship, now with points equal to Joel.

In the Expert class Luis Gonçalves turned the tables on Tiago Sousa and Joaquim Paz, which puts Gonçalves in overall lead of the class in front of Tiago Sousa and Rui Silva, with the first two being separated by just a handful of points.

Daniel Branco was the winner in the Open class ahead of championship leader Diego Rodrigues second, with Álvaro Mouta in third. In the Veterans, the victory went to Bruno Costa and Marco Ferreira won in the Juniors.

THNE Round 2 results:


1. Diogo Vieira – Gas Gas com 3h12m42s

2. Joel Vieira – KTM com 3h13m08s

3. Tiago Oliveira – Gas Gas com 3h15m09s

4. Nuno Pereira – Scorpa com 2 laps

5. Pablo Cabrero – KTM com 2 laps



1. Luis Gonçalves – Rieju com 3h31m04s

2. Tiago Sousa – Beta com 3h31m55s

3. Joaquim Paz – Husqvarna com 3h42m20s

4. Rui Silva – Husqvarna com 2 laps

5. Diogo Rocha – Husqvarna com 2 laps



1. Daniel Branco – KTM com 3h35m40s

2. Diego Rodrigues – KTM com 3h26m09s

3. Álvaro Mouta – KTM com 2 laps

4. Jorge Araújo – Gas Gas com 2 laps

5. Daniel Faria – Husqvarna com 2 laps



1. Bruno Costa – KTM com 2h48m12s

2. António Vieira – Husqvarna com 2h48m18s

3. Hugo Rodrigues – Beta com 2h56m09s

4. Mário Carrillo – KTM com 2h59m34s

5. José Silva – KTM com 3h09m17s



1. Marco Ferreira – KTM com 2h31m00s

2. Rui Guimarães – Sherco com 3h36m33s

3. João Miguel – Husqvarna com 1 lap

4. Artur Fernandes – Sherco com 1 lap


The next test of the Hard Enduro Trophy will take riders Paredes (date not known).

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Photo Credit: João Franca