Rieju have announced a limited edition, Alfredo Gómez replica MR 300, a hard enduro special build from the Spanish factory tuned for more “explosive” power and littered with fit-for-purpose parts.

Rieju’s MR 300 Hard Enduro Alfredo Gómez Replica arrives with something extra, in fact more than one thing extra and does more than many limited or factory special bikes you might see form other manufacturers.

Limited to just 100 units they say, this special edition doesn’t just bolt on parts from the catalogue but actually comes with the tuning modifications Gomez himself has been working hard to develop. In short, it’s not just a standard bike with nice parts added, it actually a ready to go hard enduro race bike.

Apart from looking good in red, the bike features changes to the cylinder, a customised OXA “Alfredo Gómez” exhaust and a specific Keihin PWK 36 carburettor tune. 

Rieju Replica Alfredo Gómez edition compared to the standard MR300 model:

Modifications in the cylinder, tweaked intake ports, to provide immediate and explosive power delivery, adapted to the demanding conditions of Hard Enduro.

Customized OXA Gómez exhaust and specific Keihin PWK 36 carburettor designed to improve the bike’s performance in Hard Enduro.

Gomez Hard Enduro edition technical highlights:

  • AXP Racing Xtreme 8mm HDPE sump guard/skid plate
  • Front disc protector with cooling air vents
  • Polisport fork protector finished in black
  • Red anodised aluminium rear disc protector
  • AXP Xtreme chain guide in red
  • Metal radiator protectors
  • Machined clutch cover, more resistant and thicker, signed by RIEJU Power Parts Factory
  • Front and rear grab handles.
  • High-grip stainless steel footpegs
  • Radiator fan
  • Shorter transmission with a 12-tooth sprocket
  • LED front headlight with protector
  • Mitas Terraforce tires, specific for Hard Enduro
  • High-quality Kayaba 48mm closed cartridge fork with DLC anti-friction treatment bar, fully adjustable
  • Kayaba shock absorber anchored to the rear axle with linkage
  • Exclusive colours with the Gomez 89 number plate


The Rieju Replica Alfredo Gómez edition improves what is already a very solid base and high-spec two-stroke for hard enduro. 100 units being produced isn’t many though and we suspect, as with other Rieju special editions, you’ll be better placed getting hold of one if you live in Spain.

The red colours look cool to us and even if you can’t get hold on one in other countries, it’s food for thought for a bike-build.


More information: www.rieju.com