Kove enters the off-road market with the new 450 Rally, a “gateway to the rally-raid world” model developed in the Dakar Rally with a price of £8500/€9500/$9299 – plus two upgrade kits to transform it into a Dakar-ready machine.

Under the premise of becoming a quality alternative to the current, new rally-raid bikes in the market, it is no wonder that the Kove 450 Rally has kicked up so much of a storm. In a world where new off-road motorcycles can have eye-watering price tags, an increasing number of people (and manufacturers) are turning to Asia and specifically China for a better deal.

After overcoming the delays due maritime transport crisis in the Red Sea, the new Kove 450 Rally is landing in dealers across the world. Enduro21 takes a closer look at a bike creating quite a lot of hype...


A crisis in the Red Sea might have done Kove a favour in delaying these bikes getting around the globe. It has helped to generate greater excitement about the arrival of this rally model which they describe as “for and by motor enthusiasts”.

It’s a fact we can verify from talking to the race team boss in Saudi Arabia at the 2023 Dakar – and backed-up by the fact two Dakar participations by the factory team were used directly to develop the Kove 450 Rally package.

Development and experience in the Dakar Rally

The truth is very few people would have heard of Kove if it weren’t for their participation in the 2023 Dakar Rally, where they made their debut by bringing their three bikes to the finish line, nor would they have doubled down on their commitment in the ‘24 edition after Kove helped Mason Klein get to the start line.

Despite the initial setbacks Klein very publicly experienced and the breakdowns (from which no one escapes in the Dakar), the reality is thorough testing of the future model in the toughest of races all before it saw the light of showroom floors across the world.

So what about the new bikes? Technical specifications of the Kove 450 Rally:

From the specifications below and you’ll spot the differences between the three available models, with two “kit” options alongside the standard. It is worth noting that the dimensions correspond to the standard model with ‘high seat’ configuration of 960mm and ground clearance of 310mm, with a lower seat height version also available of 910mm and 310mm of ground clearance.

The kit versions of the 450 Rally Factory come with a reconfigured map for the ECU, air filter box, and a complete exhaust system that allows a claimed 56 horsepower. The second, the ‘Full Factory’ version, has the same previous upgrades plus complete racing equipment (navigation instruments, etc...) to transform it into a 100% racing version.

Both are competition models which means, like many competition off-road motorcycles, they are not approved for road use though can be registered for road use depending on your country.

The price and kits, main features:

The price of the standard version, 450 Rally Regular, is €9499/£8500 Rally model. Add the 450 Rally Factory kit and it will be £800/€1,000 more and approximately 5K/7K more for the Pro Rally with full racing kit. In the USA those prices are $9299 for the street legal model, $9499 for the standard model and $13,999 for the Rally Pro.



Bikes are built around Kove’s own 449cc engine with a multidisc clutch, six-speed gearbox, and Bosch MSE 8.0 EFI injection system in its standard version of 42 horsepower (approved for the A2 license holders in Europe FYI).

Power increases to 56 horsepower for both kit models, only changing the ECU, the filter box, and the exhaust.

The chassis features a double beam steel frame weighing 9.8kg, and switchable ABS in three modes (connected, front only, or on both wheels). While the suspension, as Kove points out, was handed over to company Yuan to be in charge of the project and the specific needs and specifications for this model from the outset.


The result is a double-cartridge fork, reinforced springs made of aluminium-magnesium alloy at the front to make it lighter, and a rear remote reservoir-style mono-shock which we have no further details on currently. Both are adjustable for preload, rebound, and compression (high and low-speed) with 260/250mm travel for the low and 305/300 mm for the high seat versions.



The brakes are Taisko, also of Asian origin, with double front piston and a single rear piston, and wave-type discs. It mounts CST EX01 tires, 90/90-21 at the front and 140/80-18 at the rear.

Two front fuel tanks, plus the rear auxiliary, offer a total capacity of 31 litres/8 gallons and a range that approaches a claimed 500km for a total weight of 145kg (dry).

Among the many differences on the Pro Rally model are titanium exhaust, navigation equipment and carbon fibre mounting/nav tower, water and tool storage under the sump guard and more.


Tibet New Summit Motor Kove, to give the company its full name, has a range of motorcycles, including the even less known brand Colove, which also has a new 800X SuperAdventure and motocross models in the pipeline.

This is a new rally model “designed and developed to enjoy both long distances and sporty driving,” according to Kove. However you look at it, it brings fresh air to a market where prices are not within reach of every rider wanting to enter the world of rally-raid.

There’s also a strong contigent of enduro and trail bike owners who are switching up the enduro bike for something a bit bigger but equally don’t want to go the whole hog to the adventure bike.


Photo Credit: Roger Rovira & Nicki Martínez