Motorcycling Australia (MA) has ruled with immediate effect that Stark Varg electric off-road motorcycles can compete in sanctioned events but have held back on allowing them to race at national level.

Effective immediately, the Stark Varg electric off-road motorcycle has the go-ahead to compete at MA-sanctioned motorcycle events in Australia. But wait, they haven't gone all the way becasue the ruling issued this week states that “the Stark Varg is permitted to compete in an All Powers Class of Competition at club level only” – meaning we will not see it in national level racing like AORC.

The official MA ruling says the Stark Varg will be eligible to compete in different capacity classes and disciplines but that it is permitted to compete in “All Powers Class of Competition at club level only.”

Motorcycle racing disciplines under this ruling include: Motocross, Supercross, Enduro, Dirt Track, Track, Flat Track and Supermoto.

It’s good news and bad news, right? Good that the people who have bought a Varg in Oz can go to the races but a shame they are not allowed at national level, yet. It must be added that Enduro21 understands Stark Future have been working hard with governing bodies like MA to approve (and prove) the Varg stands on equal terms with gas-powered bikes.

Other countries like the UK and Spain already allow electric motorcycles, including the Varg, to race at all levels although there are limitations on power output and ongoing work to be able to set or lock-in power limits during races. Power limits set by the ACU (UK governing body) and followed by other nations including France are: 48hp/36kW for the 250 category and 60hp/45kW for the 450 category.

People are already racing them in enduro too, on moto tracks and in some European national level competitions this season with an emphasis on the growing the amateur. They are already proving themselves under the trees – and they are clearly capable on the logs and tyres too…


Why not at a higher level in MA events?

MA say they are “currently collating the necessary data and information to make an informed determination on the eligibility of the Stark Varg to compete in differing classes of competition.”

It’s a long-winded sentence but they want to be ensure fair competition within the classes of competition in which the Stark would be eligible to compete. Until that process is completed MA say the Stark Varg is eligible with immediate effect “to compete in an ‘all powers’ class of competition in the disciplines which it can compete”.

Adding, “once the eligibility process is completed, MA will distribute further information regarding the Stark Varg eligibility to compete at State and National level and what is required for it to compete in different classes.”