Portuguese based off-road, enduro and ADV tour and training company, Freeride Spirit are offering ‘Black Friday’ discounts for 2021 bookings until the end of November.

2020 was a dark year for everyone, particularly for those who love travelling and living at least one thrilling motorcycle experience each year. So, with this in mind and to start shedding some light and positive thinking into next year, Freeride Spirit’s Black Friday campaign offers a 20% discount for anybody that wants to book a motorcycle experience for 2021 until the end of November, benefiting also from 2020 rates.

“After a more positive period in the summer months, when we felt how happy riders were about finally being able to visit and ride with us after all those months of confinement, seeing how the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has razed all their hopes of enjoying their adventure getaway, led us to develop a black Friday campaign that would motivate them to hang on to their plans to live the experience they have been waiting for.” Says Samuel Lourenço, head of marketing at Freeride Spirit.

The campaign is valid for all Freeride Spirit tours, Moto adventure travel or off-road, booked until 30th November 2020.

Freeride Spirit offers a wide range of motorcycle experiences, off-road and on-road tours, with premium services, under the “all included” concept, available all-year-long. The company was founded in 2015, born from the passion for motorcycles, adventures, nature and Portuguese wonders, and most of all, from the will to offer unique holiday experiences and long-lasting great memories for all riders out there as well as their loved ones.


More information: www.freeridespirit.pt