Goggle brand 100% has introduced a new ‘Forecast Film System’, a quick change, roll-off lens designed specifically to quickly fit onto Armega goggles and give you clear vision even in the worst of conditions.

Fitting the new Forecast Film System onto a set of Armega goggle frames is “foolproof” say 100%. We like the sound of that. Creating a simple solution to a sometimes-arduous task sure makes life easier, especially if you’re at a track and conditions turn for the worse.

The new Forecast Film System is basically a separate kit that fits onto your existing Armega frames and does everything that a good roll-off system should including having a scraper on the ‘pull’ side to stop excess mud, clear doors to see how much film is left, and a mud strip. The 50mm ultra-wide field of vision is really good too and you can add tear-offs on top if you want.

Forecast Film System Technical Features:

  • 50mm ultra-wide film provides the maximum vertical field of view
  • Transparent mud visor prevents seepage behind the film
  • Multiple canister scrapers clean the film to reduce mud consumption
  • Translucent rear canisters provide easy viewing of remaining film
  • Smooth action film puller provides a rapid cleaning of the entire field of view
  • Overspin limiter keeps film taut at all times to resist turbulent wind release
  • Utilizes the proven ARMEGA rapid lens changing and locking system
  • Includes the Forecast Shield which increases film retention during severe conditions
  • Supports multiple tear-off options, such as leak-resistant laminated tear-offs (sold separately)

There’s nothing overly ground-breaking with the Forecast Film System but there doesn’t really need to be. This is just clever design developed by racers to make our riding lives life better.


Cost (excluding goggle): $70/£TBC/€TBC

More info: www.100percent.com