PIERER Mobility, parent company to motorcycle brands such as KTM, Husqvarna and GASGAS, announces it will distribute motorcycles from Chinese manufacturer CFMOTO in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Great Britain.

PIERER Mobility AG says a European dealer network is established for the “sporty street motorcycles” from PIERER Mobility's long-standing joint venture partner CFMOTO. The new sales network will utilise the reliable quality of PIERER Mobility in making 11 models available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Great Britain.

They add the newly created dealer network will draw on the strength, reliability, experience and quality of PIERER Mobility which will underpin sales, logistics, marketing and customer service as well as the supply of spare parts.

CF Moto was among the most impressive of display stands at the recent EICMA motorcycle show in Italy. Enduro21 caught some images of the CF Moto motorcycle range in the gallery above.

“PIERER Mobility and CFMOTO have been in partnership for almost ten years. CFMOTO is our production and sales partner for KTM motorbikes in China, and in recent years it has expanded its capacities and supply chains to meet this need,” says Hubert Trunkenpolz, Member of the Executive Board of PIERER Mobility. “It's also a logical development of our cooperation for us to handle and expand the distribution of CFMOTO motorcycles in selected European markets as a first step.”

More information: www.cfmoto-motorcycle.eu

Or find them on social media: @cfmoto.motorcycles in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain & UK plus CFMOTO Motorcycles DACH on Facebook in Spain & UK

Photo Credit: Enduro21