Muc-Off have announced a new Secure AirTag Holder to their motorcycle range designed to securely and stealthily fit an Apple AirTag so you can track down or keep tabs on your dirtbike.

Enduro21 spotted the Muc-Off Air Tag holder for MTB and bicycles a few months back and made the enquiry “could it be fitted to motorcycles?” Not yet came the answer, it wasn’t strong enough. But the UK-based company has now upgraded the product to be more robust and they’ve launched into their “powersports” or motorcycle catalogue.

The Secure AirTag Holder is designed to securely stash an Apple AirTag wherever you see fit to your bike, allowing riders to keep tabs on it at all times via the iPhone and the “Find My” App. Quite obviously this is also a way of finding the bike if it is stolen.

The beauty of this one is, compared to other motorcycle tracking solutions out there, it is a significantly simpler, smaller, and a less costly option.

The Apple AirTag is not included, you’ll need to buy that separately, but slots securely in a two-part, heat resistant polymer holder. Muc-Off say the seperate frame and clamp are made from “precision machined, aircraft-grade 6061 aluminium”.

Mounting is easy and comes with a little tool kit, uses anti-theft security screws on the clamp which also has different rubber mount sizes depending on where you position it. They give you the option to fit to a chassis, engine part of clamp around a cable for example.

Muc-Off Air tag holder technical details:

  • Durable, precision CNC machined, 6061 aluminium frame and clamp
  • Super stealthy, non-rattle design
  • Supplied with anti-theft security screws and clamp key
  • Two-part, heat resistant polymer holder
  • Small, lightweight, super-easy to fit and mount securely
  • Supplied with four different silicone clamp grip sizes enabling you to mount to different diameter wires and cables
  • Designed to be mounted discreetly in hidden areas, i.e. under motorcycle seat, within the engine bay or under side fairing
  • Connects to ‘FindMy App” on iPhone

Cost: £50  / $59.99 / €60

More details: