Fox announce their new Motion off-road boot range with a global launch at the 2022 French MXGP round, Enduro21 gets the full lowdown on the new model and their growing range (including enduro) for 2023.

Perhaps missing a trick in the past by only offering their high-end Instinct boot and their more budget friendly Comp boot, Fox have now entered the mid-price boot market with their all-new Motion boot which includes an off-road version, the Motion X.

Granted, the new Motion X boot is definitely priced at the higher end of the mid-price market but there are a lot of features packed into these boots in terms of safety, performance, and longevity. So, what’s new?

New Fox Motion in a nutshell:

  • A super-grippy sole made from DURATAC which is also featured on the inside of the calf area to help grip the bike
  • Waterproof liner to help keep your feet dry
  • Open tread design on the sole (under the toes and heel) for additional grip in slippery conditions. The sole is also replaceable via Fox dealers
  • Patented hinge lockout system to prevent hyperextension of the ankle
  • Improved last (foot mould) and half sizes between US sizes 9 and 12 allow for a really precise fit
  • All-new and patented buckle closure design
  • Composite insole for comfort, stability, and support with the option to upgrade

The Motion X is exclusively all black but on the day of the unveiling, only the MX version, in white, was available but there are only two main differences which don’t relate to the colour.

The first, the enduro-specific sole. The same grippy DURATAC compound is used across all Motion boots, but the Motion X has an open tread pattern beneath your toes and under your heel to provide a little extra grip in wet and slippery conditions (i.e. enduro). The second difference is the waterproof liner – an essential feature for all enduro boots.


The forged aluminium buckles close with an audible snap and the base of each buckle features a ‘stopper’ to stop them becoming undone should your shin clout your footpeg for example, which can pop the buckle open on some boots out there.

Time for a quick test

Fox gave us chance to spin a few laps of a motocross track in France wearing the Motion boot to get a feel for the new boots (dressed head-to-toe in Fox gear and looking like a Pro!). The first thing you notice is with no Velcro or any flaps to contend with, putting them on is as simple as it gets. The inner sole really is comfy too, plus you can upgrade for a bit more support and cushioning by fitting basically the insides of the high-end Instinct boot from any Fox dealer.



Fox have introduced half sizes with the Motion boots (as well as their headlining Instinct) between sizes 9 and 12. If one size is a little on the tight side but the next one up too big, a half size could be spot on like it was for us.

Once on the bike and riding, the stiffness and sometimes cumbersome feel you generally get with new boots seemingly wasn’t there. Now, it was seriously warm on the day and perhaps in cooler conditions it may have been different. It may also have been down to the hinge system which Fox claim, in addition to preventing hyperextension and possible injury, reduces breaking-in of the Motion X.

We have a set on test and will put more hours on them to give a proper, on the pegs Enduro21 test in the future. 



As for the rest of Fox’s boot range, the Comp and Instinct remain and complete the line-up. The Comp gets a serious overhaul and now looks very similar to both the Motion and Instinct at first glance. It’s also available with an enduro specific sole (no waterproof liner unfortunately) and in two colour options – all black or dark khaki.

If you want to add a little durability, you can swap out the plastic buckle clasps for aluminium as found on the Motion and Instinct as they’re the same fitment across the range. The same goes for the inner sole and taking them from the Motion or Instinct is said to improve comfort and support.

The one small piece of negative news is the Instinct, Fox’s premium boot, was previously available with an offroad sole but this no longer remains the case.

Fox Motion X Price: £429.99 / €429.99 / $429.95

Instinct €539, standard Motion €399 + Comp €279


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Words Credit: Dan Grove

Photo Credit: Bavo Swijgers