Leatt has announced their updated 2023 moto collection of riding gear and helmets for the new season with fresh colours and designs, plus a upgrade to the off-road glove range.

The 2023 riding gear collection from Leatt promises plenty of function as well as a heap of new designs and colours across the new moto range – the enduro range with more features for off-road and trail will arrive in a few weeks Leatt tell us.

2023 riding collection highlights

Light, breathable and incorporating laser-cut ventilation to keep you from overheating, Leatt’s riding jerseys promise to be functional and comfortable. Tailored for a 360° stretch fit with 3D stretch mesh material the relaxed fit incorporates Brush Guard protection on the elbows to help prevent snagging, and the jerseys are all designed to be worn with or without body armour. They all made with comfort in mind, Leatt say, so you can keep focused on the riding.


The riding pants are similarly made from a light, breathable construction and with durability at the forefront of the design brief, as we all know that dirt bike pants take a beating while out on the trails or the track.

All Leatt’s pants come with reinforced leather on the inner leg and the 5.5 model has a multi-layered signature Internal Knee Brace System (IKS) to reduce wear and tear from chaffing as you ride.

The 2023 jersey and pants range includes 5.5, 4.5 lite and the 3.5 for a more budget-friendly price point.

2023 helmet collection

Leatt’s latest helmet designs bring new looks for the 9.5, 8.5 and 7.5 model range while still focusing heavily on its exceptional head and brain protection and comfort. Each helmet is lined with 360° turbine discs constructed from an energy-absorbing material and shape.

Their technology has two advantages they say; it reduces peak brain rotational acceleration of the head and brain by up to 40%. And secondly, it reduces peak brain acceleration by up to 30%. Both potentially help to reduce the risk of concussion and therefore helps improve the impact protection.


The designs allow for excellent ventilation, are DOT & ECE certified and have an inner helmet liner made with moisture-wicking, washable and breathable materials to keep you cool. A ‘Pro-Fit’ modulating comfort liner stretches over your head to improve comfort and stability whilst on too.

Leatt’s helmets are also designed for optimal neck brace compatibility and each come with a free matching goggle and a visor extender for those mudders days.

2023 glove collection

The 2023 Leatt glove range looks interesting too with more thought at the design stage going into protecting hands from roost and blisters. Again there are three models in the range with a 3.5 lite, 2.5 x-flow, and 1.5 GripR – the 3.5 sets have the impact gel on the knuckles for extra protection.


A new stretch stitch thread improves seam strength to avoid your fingers breaking through the tip of the finger Leatt say, plus they use the FormFit pattern that hugs your fingers contour for better comfort, grip and feel on the handlebars in wet and dry conditions. The stretch material on the back of the hand aids airflow and is lightweight.


More news is expected from Leatt in the coming weeks with a new range on the horizon, plus the 2023 enduro collection also expected during October.


More information: www.leatt.com