Polisport’s new MX Disc and fork bottom protector for off-road motorcycles has a new design to provide lighter protection against roost and increase airflow to the brake disc.

Although Polisport say their new front disc guards are more aimed at motocross and supermoto bikes, Enduro21 reckons there are plenty of enduro riders who might be interested in a lighter protector up front.

The “MX Disc and Bottom Fork Protector”, as it is found in the Polisport catalogue, aims to protect front discs (or rotors) from rocks and roost but add only a minimal amount of weight to the unsprung area of the bike.

Increased amount of venting cuts in the design mean airflow through to the disc is increased when compared to many types of other disc protectors, particularly those designed for enduro.

The bottom fork guard is otherwise integral to the design but can be used (and sold) with or without the disc protector.

Polisport say both products are an easy install without the need to remove the wheel, and all mounting hardware is included in the kit.


The protectors are available for a wide range of off-road models such as Yamaha, Kawasaki, Husqvarna, Honda, KTM, Husaberg, GASGAS, Beta, Sherco, and Rieju.


More information and prices in your country: www.polisport.com