Two Stroke Performance (TSP) introduce two products to their TPI two-stroke product range, an injector relocation kit and crank case sensor plates to improve performance and reliability.

Enduro21 has been fans of the Australian company Two Stroke Performance since we first spied the products filtering through to help cure issues with the fuel injected two-strokes KTM (plus Husqvarna and now GASGAS of course) put into production five years ago.

As many owners of these models will know, one TPI can be perfect but another can suffer from problems with throttle response, fuelling and reliability. It’s been a constant reality for us to have regular reader contact since the TPIs were born and a source of many long threads on social media.

Those issues with throttle response, fuelling, and reliability are curable and TSP have a highly developed range of solutions – most of which are being used by Graham Jarvis in the Hard Enduro World Championship.

Enduro21 tested one of Jarvis’s bikes here: Tested: Two Stroke Performance Power Kits for the TPI

Enduro21 caught up with Dave McCarthy, the man at the helm of Two Stroke Performance, this week and it couldn’t have been a more refreshing conversation. Straight forward and honest passion behind the products is always our preference in a world littered with PR and marketing BS and though Dave is utterly professional, the message was clear: “I do this because I love what I do.”

Watch the videos

There’s not a lot Enduro21 can add about the new crank case sensor and injector relocation kit which McCarthy hasn’t explained in detail in the product videos below. The TSP injector relocation kit is “the best of the TPI and TBI system in one package” and moves one injector to the intake and the other to the standard location which TSP say is the best of both worlds.  

The pressure sensor relocation kit for all 150, 250 and 300 TPI models replaces the potentially leaky OEM set-up.

The aim, TSP say, is to remove the potential inconsistencies with the OEM parts and improve the overall performance, increase reliability and make the bikes more rideable no matter what type of off-road riding you do.

Putting in the hours is clearly part of the TSP make-up with their products all taking extraordinary amounts of development, particularly the hugely complicated process of re-mapping ECUs (another option frmo TSP) which is all their own work.

The TSP team were over in Europe this summer testing these very parts in different locations and with different riders including the Romaniacs mountains.

“I take an absolute age putting the videos together, editing, re-shooting and making sure I get everything right.” Explains McCarthy. “I’m not a natural at it, my skills are in the tuning, but I want to make sure people understand everything clearly.”

TPI engine injector relocation kit explainer video:


Crank case pressure sensor plate explainer video:



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