Rounds 11 and 12 of the Australian Off-Road Championship at Omeo, Victoria have been cancelled due to current COVID-19 State border closures and lockdowns – is that a wrap for AORC 2021?

It is the inevitable news with the continuing border closures and lockdown regulations across Australia still in place but AORC have finally called time on the scheduled October 16-17 rounds in Omeo.

Effectively that means the end of the 2021 AORC season as things stand with every weekend from rounds three and four in July at Kyogle onwards being either cancelled or “postponed”.

All events currently listed as postponed are in theory still possible but new dates are yet to be announced and it seems unlikely regulations are shifting anytime soon. AORC management say a final decision on the running the remaining rounds will be announced no later than October 15, 2021.

Never say never, right?

Australia has been under the tightest of lockdown and controlled border conditions of all the nations Enduro21 covers. While there are months left in the calendar and potentially a couple of weekends could be scheduled before December 31, 2021, the fact is the 2021 season has been lost to all Aussie enduro riders.

The most obvious effect of that internationally was to not see the Australian teams at the ISDE this year. More importantly, on a national level, that means a lost year of sport for the riders and that is a shame for all concerned, including the event organisers, clubs and volunteers.

Wipe the slate clean on 2021 and start again? Didn’t you do that last year Oz?