Video highlights and results from day two at the 2020 Aveyronnaisse Classic French Enduro where Outsiders Yamaha rider Jamie McCanney has topped the day and taken control of the overall leaderboard.

He might have switched from enduro to rally but the former Enduro Junior World Champion Jamie McCanney proved he very much still has the speed needed for with on the second day in France.

The only French Classic Enduro of the 2020 season saw the 2019 overall winner McCanney trade test wins with Christophe Nambotin (two apiece with Jeremy Tarroux taking the fourth of five tests) but ultimately record a 15 second victory on the day and take over the lead. 

For his part Nambo switched places for day two with compatriot Jeremy Miroir but Miroir retains his second overall position ahead of Christophe in third. By contrast yesterday’s winner, Andrea Verona, took a hit with a one minute time penalty (he was not the only rider to get stung) which sees him drop to 13th overall.  

Video highlights from day 2:

Hugo Blanjoue put in solid day two to finish fourth with and Tarroux completing the top five. Day three begins at 7:30am and heads from Luc-la-Primaube to Vezins de Levezou.

Aveyronnaisse Classic, day two top 20 results:


Full results and more information:

Photo Credit: Mastorgne + Enduro21