Spain’s biggest enduro, the Bassella Race 1, have turned their traditional event on its head with innovative plan to let riders compete at home on their local trails or ‘virtually’ if they can’t make the race itself.

We’re all getting a hold on what the “new normal” looks like but the organisers of the hugely popular early season Bassella Race 1 Enduro have been thinking outside the box for their race next February 6-7.

For 2021 there won't be any actual races – traditionally they stage an Extreme Race on the Saturday and then a motocross-style start for the main enduro race on the Sunday. In fact it won't even be a race but “a big enduro party” with three ways to participate.

Here’s how it will work...

BR1 'Presential' - be there or be square

If travel restrictions wherever you live allow it and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to ride around Bassella then this is your option. With no actual ‘race’ possible, this class is what it used to be called ‘Fan’ in past editions allowing you to make laps around the track either on Saturday, February 6, or Sunday, February 7.

In order to make it Covid safe, all participants will be tested at their arrival and there won't be a mass start to avoid gatherings. Also, if by any means the event has to be cancelled, you’ll get a full refund so don’t worry.

BR1 'Delivery' - ride from home

The first new class for 2021 addresses the riders that still want to support the race but are not willing, or can't, make it to the start line. For 15€ they’ll send you a number plate, plus an official BR1 2021 present to stick on your enduro bike. Basically, you then go for a ride around your local trail or track in Bassella Race 1 style.

Typically BR1 is a 10-to-15 minutes Extreme race on Saturday and a two-plus hours Hare and Hounds on the Sunday but the beauty of this 2021 idea is you and a group of mates could make up your own event – we’re sold on it.

BR1 'Virtual' - get on the social

Last but not least, the organisers Club Sip Sport has a third option for riders to get involved without getting signed up for the other two options (and spending money). Simply share riding content on social media during the weekend of February 6-7 with the hashtags #BR12021 and #tocaenduro to join the vibes.

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