The sixth season of the Geran Hard Enduro Series starts this weekend on Saturday in Neuhaus-Schierschnitz with over 250 registered riders for this season opener and 25th event in the series where had to be closed early because the maximum entries were reached.

Who are the title contenders of the 2023 DOWATEK Hard Enduro Series Germany?

All the favourites will be at the start and will once again be fighting for the overall victory including Kevin Gallas, Milan Schmüser, Paul-Erik Huster, Mirko Fabera and Marc Wulf.

Back in the race are Max Faude and Mirko Fabera who was one of the top riders in the series until the 2019 season, but then suffered an injury and needed some time to get fit again. During the winter months, however, he showed in the Superenduro World Championship that he is a force to be reckoned with. He now wants to prove this for his Kadelack team in the HESG.


Faude changed motorbike brands during the winter and will now compete with a KTM. Leon Hentschel had injured himself last year and was therefore unable to compete in the second half of the season. Now he wanted to get going again, but injured himself again and will be out for at least the first two races.

The question will be whether Marc Wulf can continue his upward trend and, after winning for the first time last year in Meltewitz, catch up with defending champion Kevin Gallas again this year. Milan Schmüser, last year’s junior winner and now also competing in the pro class, will try to do the same. Paul-Erik Huster should not be underestimated either, he narrowly missed out on third place in the 2022 season.

In addition to the established stars, there are also some newcomers to the series, including Markus Ludwig. The former DM rider is entering new territory in extreme enduro, but he can quickly adapt to the conditions.

In any case, Kevin Gallas is also once again one of the favourites, as he will certainly be aiming for his third series title.

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Who will follow Milan Schmüser in the juniors?

The cards have been completely reshuffled in the juniors after Milan Schmüser has to moved up to the pro class after winning the class title last year. The same applies to Louis Richter who, after many years in the junior class, is no longer eligible to compete there due to his age.

On paper, Eric Seifert from the Erzgebirge is now the favourite. He showed consistent performances in the juniors last year. At the end of 2022, however, two other juniors, Felix Bähker and Lenny Geretzky, came close.


Geretzky is also already in racing rhythm, having contested the entire Junior Superenduro World Championship for his Italian team TTR.

Fynn Hannemann and the Strauss siblings Felix and Henry should not be underestimated either. Or a completely different rider will come to the front - there should be no lack of excitement in the juniors.

Amateurs and Ladies ahead of second HESG season

Most of the participants will again start in the amateur class. The amateur class has many newcomers, which is why it is difficult to determine a favourite in advance. However, Michi Breu will certainly be at the front again. In the women's category, there will be a new title holder, as last year's champion Maria Franke has not entered. Therefore, Julia Bittner and Eva Täuber are the favourites.


There will definitely be a new champion in the senior class, as neither defending champion Rene Dietrich or Dirk Peter will be competing. Timo Jungmann, the winner in 2021, is currently not listed for the season opener either. In addition, Rene Jerbach from Estonia is prevented from competing but will return later in the season.

Therefore, Tino Bauer and Rudolf Stütz are the favourites for the time being. However, a new surprise may also develop in the seniors.

HESG Kids classes

The three classes (50cc, 65cc and 85cc) are much better filled this year for the HESG championship. The 85cc has starters who want to beat Raven Lippold in its second year. Noah Rübesamen, Max Eppelmann and Linus Albert, among others, will be fighting close battles. Felix Hissenauer will also intervene sporadically in these duels.

Eric Keller wants to win his second title in the 65cc class. Last year, he scored the full number of points in all the races. Theodor Kis would still be happy to have a competitor in the 50cc classes. At the season opener, however, there will at least be another guest rider in the form of Moritz Albert.


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Photo Credit: Michel238pic + Michel Kuchel