Results from the opening race of the 2023 DOWATEK Hard Enduro Series Germany where Geretzky surprised everyone with victory in the mud and Kevin Gallas goes old school with a retro Honda XL.

The Biene Enduro site provided the opening showground for the 2023 HESG, the Champion Challenge, with the weather providing the necessary spice to the already difficult track and 162 riders from across Europe.

Extreme conditions

Last year’s champion Kevin Gallas is competing this season with a newly built “Youngtimer Honda” and opening the eyes of fans and opponents. Though at an obvious disadvantage, Gallas was in the mix and claimed ninth place on the difficult final track.

Due to Gallas going retro, there will naturally be a new winner this season and Marc Wulf, Lenny Geretzky and Felix Bähker were tied for the lead after the first lap.

Lap three proved decisive when Marc Wulf made mistakes and Geretzky took advantage of for the lead. With a controlled style, Geretsky  built up a comfortable lead and took the opening victory.


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This means that the Suhl native has now arrived in the HESG Hall of Fame. In addition to the championship win, it was also enough for the Junior victory. Wulf secured second place and at the same time victory in the Pro class.

Felix Bähker and Fynn Hannemann, two other juniors, followed in third and fourth place. Milan Schmüser came fifth, a performance that is also highly commendable after he had undergone shoulder surgery 10 days earlier.

HESG Kids 

The HESG Kids 50 & 65 cc classes normally have two races each but the extreme ruts made a second run impossible, so the result was taken from the first run. Loris Solbrig was the new winner in the 65cc category, ahead of guest starter Emil Doras from the host club MC Isolator. In the 50cc category, victory also went to Theodor Kis from the Erzgebirge.

The Women’s victory went to Eva Täuber, and this classification was held in the second group race. Raven Lippold dominated the 85cc class and still managed three laps on the deep track.


The series continues in Crimmitschau on April 22-23.

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Photo Credit: Michel238pic | Michel Kuchel