The 2022 German Hard Enduro Series reached round four of six at the Enduropark Reisersberg in the heart of the Bavarian Forest, a favoured stomping ground for former champion Kevin Gallas.

With home soil under his wheels and current championship Leon Hentschel absent due to illness, the fourth HESG round of 2022 was former champion Kevin Gallas’ chance to cement a serious points lead.

Riders from neighbouring Austria made the journey to Reisersberg plus Estonian and even Keanu Weber-Trianus from Namibia joined the field for an early wake-up and the Gibson Tyres Prolog at 8.30am bright and early.

After three wins last year, Marc Wulf finally took full points for the prologue for the first time this season ahead of guest rider and runner-up from 2019 Robert Scharl.

Next up came the group races which gave riders their first real taste of the terrain and it became clear that Robert Scharl is still a force to be reckoned with. After a long break from racing, the Austrian secured second place behind Kevin Gallas in the second group race after the first race went to Milan Schmüser in front of Marc Wulf. Both races showed that the guest riders this weekend from Austria can keep up with the Germans among the top 10.

Drama in the final for Marc Wulf

The 60-minute final started shortly after 4pm with riders heading straight into a difficult section like last year. In addition, the MCC Reisersberg declared the most demanding sections as “no help zones”.

It was no easy task for the 60 riders who tackled the final but it was Marc Wulf, whose goal was to keep the gap to Kevin Gallas and to profit from Leon Hentschel's non-start, who took the early lead. But things turned out differently for him as he broke his clutch fitting in lap one.

After the repair he came back into the race with a lap deficit and in the end still managed 12th place, which now drops him down to fourth in the standings.

Kevin Gallas meanwhile had no such problems and benefited from all the above with his fourth win of the season which means he extends his points lead to 25 with two rounds remaining. The former champion has the chance to claim his second title in Meltewitz on September 4.

Milan Schmüser is now second in the standings but had to settle for third place behind guest driver Robert Scharl. Scharl made up some good ground this weekend and will now fight for the runner-up position with Hentschel and Wulf.

Reisersberg results: 


Class rankings consolidated

It was a full weekend for Estonian Rene Jerbach who took victory in a SuperEnduro race back home on Friday evening, got on the plane and was in Reisersberg in time for the second group race.

The travel was worth the hassle as he kept his senior title hopes alive although for the third time this season, Rene Dietrich won and remains the championship leader.

Milan Schmüser is still in charge of the Juniors with Felix Bähker taking the points for second and Lenny Geretzky for third.

The slightly faster course suited Etienne Ulbricht in the amateurs, he took the win for the first time with Sören Emich the points leader despite never winning so far this season.

Maria Franke won the women’s race in Reisersberg and is now just three points short of her first title in this new classification with one round remaining (the women take a break in Meltewitz next round).


The HESG takes a mini summer break until September 4 at the legendary MelzExdrähm. Registration starts on August 8, 12.00 hrs.


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Photo Credit: Michel238pic + GrenzNic640 + Ina Klemer