Extreme XL Lagares has added itself to the growing list of major international hard enduro races for the 2022 season already announced – set May 6-8 in your calendar for the Portuguese race.

Lagares is the show-opening round of the Hard Enduro World Championship (previously the WESS Championship before that) but was among the hardest hit of all events affected by the pandemic this last two years now.

After 2020’s cancellation the Lagares team put on an awesome plan for 2021 only for a last minute kybosh from the local government to cull the race at the eleventh hour. Because riders and teams were there already in Porto the ran an event in a very restricted area, but it was a poor show (no offence to anyone concerned) by comparison to the race we know Lagares can be.

Provisional 2022 HEWC calendar taking shape

Extreme XL Lagares, May 6-8

Here’s to 2022 and a return to a full calendar of the major extreme events including Lagares which we hope will be restored to its full glory, including on the streets of Porto for the infamous prologue, from May 6-8.

Red Bull Erzbergrodeo, June 16-19

The Erzbergrodeo was another event which fell to the covid rules and restrictions for the second year in succession in 2021. However, the event organising team in Austria were quick out the box and like all of us are hoping for normal service to resume next June 16-19, their date with the Iron Giant.

Abestone Hard Enduro, July 8-10

The second running of the newest major extreme race on the international calendar is also already in planning. The Abestone Hard Enduro in Italy will provisionally run on July 8-10.



Photo Credit: Future7Media